Everything You Need to Know About YouWIN – Part 3

What You Can Do While Waiting for YouWIN Nigeria (2013) to launch.

In the meantime while YouWIN has not launched, you have the privilege of registering an account on YouWIN website though you may not be able to submit a business concept yet.

If you have any question  about YouWIN generally, you might want to read my post on Everything You Need to Know About YouWIN (Nigeria) 2013 – Part 1. The post explains the reason for the YouWIN project, who is eligibility to apply, how to apply and tips on winning the competition.

Another post you will find useful is Everything You Need to Know About YouWIN (Nigeria) 2013 – Part 2. This post lists out all the questions you will have to answer in the business concept sheet on YouWIN website. I understand that not everybody is able to get to that page on YouWIN website at the moment; and it is good that you start brainstorming your answers before the deadline draws too close. So, go through the questions and answer them on a sheet of paper or notebook. That will make it easy and less tasking to type into the YouWIN business concept sheet.

How to Register an Account

To register an account, simply visit YouWIN website. Click on Apply Now at the top right hand corner of the web page.

On the following screen, you will be prompted to either Login or Register. If you already have an account with YouWIN, then it will be right for you to Login (how to handle hitches while logging in to YouWIN website will be discussed shortly).

However, if you are new to YouWIN, you should register an account. Click on register.

You will be immediately taken to a registration form where you can input your personal details. In this form, please pay adequate attention to the location of your business. This is because the YouWIN grant will be disbursed on the basis of geopolitical zones; and this will greatly affect your result, depending on the stiffness of the competition in the geopolitical zone you choose. 

At the end of this form, click submit to register your account on YouWIN website.

Subsequently, when you visit this website, you will be required to Login with your email address and password. So, make sure you use correct email address and easy-to-remember password for your account.

Most Common Hitches When Logging to YouWIN Website Plus Solutions – YouWIN Password Issues

The likely hitch you could have when loggin to YouWIN website will be password-related. If you don’t remember your YouWIN password anymore, simply click Login instead of Register above.

On the login page, click Forgot Password at the bottom right hand side of the page.

You will be directed to a page where you can enter your correct email address. Enter your correct email address in the box provided and click Email My Password.

Enter your email and click Email My Password. Then check your email inbox for the password to your account.

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Everything You Need to Know About YouWIN – Part 3

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