Who Owns Bella Naija?

Bewildered by the wild success of the blog, Bella Naija, a lot of people are asking – who owns Bella Naija? The answer is not farfetched. First, let’s clarify the blog we are talking about – Bella Naija.

What is Bella Naija About?

Bella Naija is a leading lifestyle, entertainment and Fashion blog in Nigeria. The blog features latest news in the music and movie industry, beauty & style, weddings, career and relationships as well as industry gossips.

Bella Naija blog is currently one of the most popular destinations for young Nigerians that are looking for trends in fashion or celebrity gist.

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Who is the Owner of Bella Naija?

The founder and owner of Bella Naija is Uche Eze (now Uche Eze Pedro after her wedding in 2012). She founded Bella Naija in July 2006; and the blog has since grown to become a major force on the web, influencing several young Nigerians.

Aside the fact that Bella Naija is a very successful blog, Uche Eze Pedro is highly revered for her several awards as well as interview on CNN in 2010.

Here is what you might want to know about Bella Naija and Uche Eze biography as well as the video and transcript of Uche Eze interview on CNN.

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Who Owns Bella Naija?

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