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  • How to File a Sexual Harassment Complaint via Email

    Sexual harassment can be encountered anywhere, including a professional environment where there are strict rules and etiquette guiding human interactions. The first step to take when you face sexual harassment from a colleague at work is to file a complaint. This you can do via email because of the advantage of documentation. The complaint is on record in case of

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  • How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise via Email

    Everyone needs a raise, it helps boost our morale when our work is being noticed and appreciated. However, if the raise does not come when expected, one may begin to wonder why the delay and strategize the next step to take. Asking your boss for a raise should be well timed and planned. The means and how you would express

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  • Professional E-mail Requests: Examples for Commercial Activities

    When I became the International Relationship Manager for Marygold, I didn’t anticipate the amount and diversity of emails that would be required. One of my most important discoveries is the value of having email examples or templates to work with when I’m short of words to use. These professional email examples provided me with more ideas for writing emails to

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  • Professional E-mail Requests: Examples for Consultants and Researchers

    Making a professional request via e-mail is a great asset. When you are able to do this correctly, there is a greater possibility that your request will be granted.  If for any reason your request is not granted, you would have retained or created a good relationship with the recipient. Here, I have compiled several examples of professional e-mail requests.

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