10 Best Productivity Tools to Better Work from Home

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If there is one lesson we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged the world, it is that working from home is becoming a preferred option. Bans on all kinds of gathering have seen everyone developing means to carry on with their lives, including work. Statistics in the UK shows that remote work is a successful experiment. Specifically, O2 and YouGov discovered that 45% of British workers would continue to work remotely after the Covid-19 dust settles. 

However, while we want to recline in our chairs and work, productivity remains a constant debate. We need tools to boost our productivity. In this respect, this article proffers ten tools that make you lead from home while making remote work an enjoyable experience. 

  1. Evernote: Evernote is one of the most versatile applications you can download today. Available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, Evernote helps you take down notes and record essential audios. It is also a useful tool for consulting time tracking, saving photos as notes, among other features that you can sync with other devices. In a nutshell, Evernote is an app that helps keep you sane.
  2. Asana: Asana is a software designed to manage teamwork and improve work management. Remote work, especially if it involves teams, requires a linchpin that can hold everyone together; Asana does that entirely. Asana is a go-to tool that helps the team create, assign, and communicate projects as a team. Furthermore, Asana allows you to move your previously handwritten notes online, monitor meetings, tag essential documents, and so on. The joy of working with Asana is that everyone knows his tasks from the onset.
  3. Timenotes: Timenotes has a simple and interactive interface that allows all categories of users to interact with it. Timenotes attracts millions of users worldwide because it is relatively affordable when compared with some other time-tracking platforms. Timenotes give you control of your time. It is available on Chrome for Android devices and is free for up to five people. Timenotes’ other features include start and stop time trackers, various kinds of time formats, manual time entries, project time reports, and so on. Timenotes remains one of the best time tracking software. 
  4. Zoom: Zoom is a remote video call platform that makes communication very easy. Zoom is one of the most reliable applications for working remotely. Zoom is designed to accommodate various participants from the comfort of their respective places of habitation. Furthermore, everyone is allowed to send in their inputs at any point in a Zoom meeting by turning on their microphones. Also, you can use Zoom to handle seminars, lectures, and presentations. There is a comment section that allows for feedback as the meeting holds. 
  5. Todoist: Todoist is an application you do not want to miss as a remote worker. This is because you can use Todoist for a lot of functions. First, Todoist is very useful when it comes to decluttering your workspace. Secondly, with Todoist, you can prepare a very sound to-do list and ease yourself of mental stress. 
  6. Google Drive: Remote work becomes more comfortable with Google Drive. After all, working from home means less paperwork and more digital space. Google Drive is a storage system based on the cloud where you can save and access files. With Google Drive, you can store, edit, and upload files without leaving the usual paper trail.
  7. Brightnest: While many might see Brightnest as a bit out of place, it’s still an application that helps productivity if you work from your home office. You need Brightnest to help you with tips on setting your place up all the time. Brightnest will show you ways to keep your residence neat and tidy, as well as helping you organize your home schedule and tasks. Brightnest is available for Android and iOS. 
  8. Slack: Take a messaging application, expand it so much that it makes your life comfortable, and you have Slack. Slack is redefining how remote communication is handled. Slack is a reliable companion that lets your team give accounts for their activities, create various channels for conversations, and give you alternatives to emails, amongst others. When it comes to delivering you a convenient workspace, this application cuts you some slack, as its name implies. 
  9. Skype: Everybody is on Skype these days. Skype is a leading platform in video call technology. Its high-quality graphics allows you to make video calls without glitches. Skype functions excellently on computers and mobile devices. It’s a must-have tool for boosting productivity when you work from home.
  10.  Microsoft Office 365: Microsoft is known to virtually everybody. You are almost certainly using a Microsoft program at one point or the other. Microsoft Office 365 contains those familiar platforms like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and so on. 

Undoubtedly, you can be more productive working remotely than rushing to do your daily 9-5. Remote work has gained much prominence due to its convenience. What other tools do you find useful when working from home? Perhaps you can share tips for remote team management, or you have experience of hiring employees online. How does it work in your company? How do your employees or colleagues feel about using time tracking tools? Let’s share more useful information than ever.

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  1. Another good productivity tool is called kanbantool.com . I’ve been using it for quite a while now, it’s still my favourite.

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