3 Ways To Effectively Market Your Website

When it comes down to creating a marketing strategy, you can choose to do either of two things:

You can either start shooting randomly and hoping that your customers and clients will find you; or you can strategically use one of the most important marketing tool you have at your disposal to market your goods and services – your website.

Almost everyone is connected to the internet through tablets, Smartphone and traditional desktop. That means at one point or the other, this set of people are going to use their means of internet connectivity to research information about the goods and services they are interested in, either before making a decision or after making a decision to buy. If they don’t find you, they will find one major person-your competitor.

As a result, your website must be well promoted in such a way that whenever your prospective clients look for you, they will be able to find you. You can’t just build your website and think people will find it; you have to make it easy for them to locate you wherever they are.

If you want to effectively market your website, here are 3 things you can do:

Method 1: Optimize Your Website

For the copywriters and internet marketers, search engine optimization or SEO is not a strange term; but for the business owners, SEO is more like black magic. However without SEO, your prospective clients will find it very difficult to find you.

SEO refers to the process of increasing a website ranking on Google with the sole aim of increasing website traffic thereby being able to generate leads that can be converted into sales at a point later in a marketing funnel.

You can decide to run a Pay per Click or Inorganic SEO as it is popularly called although the cost of running such a campaign for a long period of time is high; or you can use the traditional organic SEO method to market your website so that potential and current customers find you easily.

Who doesn’t trust a website occupying the first to third position on Google Search Engine Result Page for a particular keyword!

Method 2: Use Social Media

The new era of internet marketing is to be found on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and twitter. With an average of 32% of Nigeria’s population on Facebook alone, it is a great avenue to market your website. I am sure almost all big brands and even some smaller business brands are on Facebook; but mistaking Facebook as an end for itself is a mistake you cannot afford to make.

This is an error most small businesses commit. Your brand fan page, as a means of interacting with your customers, should not stop on social media alone. The best way to derive maximum advantage from social media is to use it as an avenue to drive traffic back to your website.

So whenever you making a post on your social media platform, you should ask yourself these questions:
A. How does it benefit my fans?
B. How does it benefit my business?

Method 3: Email Marketing

How many times have you received unsolicited emails? Can’t count them? That is what is called spam emails; but when used effectively, traditional email marketing, via sending newsletters, can be one of the most effective ways to market your website.

Email marketing has come a long way and is not going away any time soon. Every business that wants to stay in business must continuously look for ways to collect emails from their customers. This then enables you to build a lasting relationship with them. As you build a relationship with them, you can then gently nudge them to try out some of your services and products, or to outrightly purchase them by providing a link back to your website.

The only rule of exception is that you should not send emails to anyone who has not indicated interest (opt-in) using a form on your website or whose email was not voluntarily given when making a purchase or enquiry from your business.

When used properly, the return on investment for email campaign is about $1 to every $2 spent.


The decision to effectively use your website as your primary tool for your marketing strategy cannot be overemphasised. With advancement in technology, people are able to research information on the go and the only medium they will use in communicating with you is most definitely going to be through the pages of your website.

What other way have you discovered in marketing your website? Share them with us?


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