I heeded the voice bidding me to arise and come

To a place of ceaseless plenty and untainted joy

So He took me by the hand and led the way

But by the gloomiest abyss of this life

How was I to know it was such a journey so long?

With no clothes on my back

No food in my kit bag

No water in my jar

And no shelter from all weather kinds

The one thing He gave to me

Was a promise in a seal

Of an unfailing supply of all my needs

Of a light bright beyond this tunnel

In a meeting place with Someone

A place of unpunctuated happiness and perennial good, He said

Havilah, the land of the enduring joy

But many days on the way as we went

 I was denied what I reckoned were my vital needs

 And it’d been many years now, yet the light promised I’d yet to see

The trip got so long, the speed got painfully slow

The finish line that I always saw ahead

Seemed to be moving away with each forward step that I took

Blending in and merging into endlessness

Jumping off even beyond my reach

And I asked, are You taunting me?

And I proposed, was there such thing as taking a break?

Let me put off my life and get away into temporary lifelessness

Then I’d return to take it up after I’ve revamped

You know I’d gladly embrace such possibility

In the face of this overriding ennui and meaninglessness

The memories of yesterday victories

When I lived through the impossible

When I defeated many great giants beyond my terrestrial strength

When I leaped over many staggering mountains beyond my comprehension

When I survived the shadow of death

Feats I knew of human capacity were not achieved

But of the heavenly grace

Made just available in timely supply

Were the faint assurances of today’s victory

To survive these new trials and toils

Different than yesterday’s in magnitude and shades


Though I see You not

Somehow I’m aware of Your eyes watching over me

Suffering not my feet to wander in wrong directions

Of Your mouth speaking constantly

Telling of my certain survival of this unfamiliar terrain

I’m aware of the unseen presence

Of a shepherd and a duty-faithful sentinel

Making my choices and thrusting them at me

These were not easy choices

But in spite of my pains I dare to declare

That my destiny is too precious to be traded

That my dreams are too tangible to fade away

That my vision is too clear to be blurred

That the mission is too perfect to be floored

That my place is too secured to be snatched

That God is too faithful to let me down

With Him surely I CAN’T lose

And rather than cut corners and take the easy way out

I’d just wait on Him and follow through even with tears

What a joy when I get to Havilah

What a joy when I see what He really looks like

The very one bidding me to come

If I touch Him with my hands

This ageless unseen guide

How my pains would be overwhelmed with the joy of sighting Him

If I finally see the mouth speaking to me

And the reality of everything said

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