About Afrimash

Afrimash is positioned to positively mold the future of Africa and also help people take a peek into the future of Africa and Africans by showcasing talents, ideologies, intelligences, trends and past successes. The idea is to constantly publish good information specifically geared to motivate, inspire, inform and entertain Africans positively. We also tend to look into the bright and promising future of Africa as well as the things we love about our past and present.

The root words for Afrimash are:

  • Afri – meaning “Africa”
  • Mash- meaning “to reduce to small pieces or particles”

That means, we want to cover the minutest but important information that will make an African's life better or make one place or the entire Africa better for all of us. The information can be in any of the following areas:

  • Politics and Governance
  • Fashion, Style and Arts
  • Technology, Science and Inventions
  • Business and Intelligence
  • Entertainment

Afrimash is a different kind of blog. We are very conscious of the sublimal effect of what we publish. Like other blogs we create contents for people, but we do this with a mission in mind – to make their lives better and Africa a better place to live in. We believe that by focusing on what is good about ourselves (and yet remain realistic), we can attain unto greatness faster and more easily.