The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website

    There’s an unlimited number of eCommerce platforms available, but very few offer the opportunity to customize your website however you like with the use of plugins, not the way a WordPress eCommerce website does. This is why we've written this article to give you a list of the best plugins for your WordPress eCommerce website.

    To start an eCommerce store on Shopify or BigCommerce you can set everything up within days. This is because those platforms come almost pre-made. With a WordPress website, it would take you at least a week to finally get it up and running.

    Deciding the best plugin for your WordPress eCommerce website is a tricky business. This is mainly because you may not be conversant with these plugins. In this article, we’re going to go through a list of the best plugins for your eCommerce website.

    Some eCommerce platforms are ready-made for exactly that- eCommerce. This means you don’t have to bundle them with a plugin before you get your store up and running. But for WordPress, this isn’t the case. Your WordPress website will not become an eCommerce website until you get the right plugins and extensions.

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    best plugins for your wordpress ecommerce website
    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 15

    The Best Plugins for Your WordPress Ecommerce Website


    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 16

    WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that is responsible for 30% of all online stores. WooCommerce is incredibly flexible and easy to customize. You can integrate WooCommerce with your WordPress website in a matter of minutes.

    WooCommerce supports hundreds of extensions, and themes. With these tools and plugins, you can manage your eCommerce store more effectively. Some of these plugins include cart abandonment features, tools to help you manage your inventory, etc. With extensions, you can add many payment methods to your site. With the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, you can automatically calculate shipping costs, taxes and other expenses that come with running an eCommerce store.

    The major downside to WooCommerce is that it doesn’t scale very well without a managed hosting provider.


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    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 17

    Shopify is another great WordPress eCommerce plugin that makes it extremely easy to create an eCommerce website and start selling online. While Shopify is an eCommerce platform on its own, it also integrates well with WordPress.

    Shopify is great because it takes most of the problems associated with running an eCommerce platform off your hands, such as setting up payment gateways, managing shipping or taxes, etc. With the Shopify WordPress plugin, you have an inventory and can bulk import and track orders, making inventory management easy.


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    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 18

    While WooCommerce and Shopify both manage digital and physical products effectively, BigCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that is specially designed to help businesses manage their online sales.

    BigCommerce is a cloud-hosted platform that integrates seamlessly with WordPress. Unlike WooCommerce, BigCommerce allows you to scale up considerably while also offering high performance and top of the line security.

    With BigCommerce, you can sell on Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You have a wide selection of payment gateways to choose from. They also have order fulfilment features like wide range shipping, etc.

    Easy Digital Downloads

    image 1
    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 19

    This is a lightweight eCommerce plugin that gives you all the required features to sell your digital products. What makes Easy Digital WordPress plugin great is that it focuses only on selling digital products. If your eCommerce website is in the niche of selling digital products, this WordPress plugin is a great option.


    image 4
    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 20

    To keep your eCommerce website thriving, you need to focus on a lot of things, one of which is advertising and general marketing. SeedProd is an eCommerce WordPress plugin that makes that a reality. 

    SeedProd is a great page builder for WordPress eCommerce websites. With SeedProd you can create a landing page with ease. They have a drag and drop feature that makes landing page creation extremely easy without the need for any code.

    SeedProd WordPress plugin comes with already made page templates. With their templates, you can add social media share buttons, email opt-ins, countdown timers, etc. You can build an unlimited number of pages with SeedProd.

    SeedProd WordPress eCommerce plugin also allows you to create pages to collect your customers’ email addresses. This way you can keep in touch with them to remind them of their carts, coupons, promotions and offers, new products, etc.


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    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 21

    A great way to serve your customers and optimize your business for greater success is to listen to them. And how best do you do this than by consulting with them.

    WPForms is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that allows you to set up forms quickly without hassle. It has a simple interface with drag-and-drop functionality that makes it extremely easy to set up a contact form.

    They have a pro version that has more customizable options and features.

    Constant Contact

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    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 22

    When it comes to covering your email marketing needs, Constant Contact is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that goes above and beyond to make this a reality. With the WordPress eCommerce plugin, you can send targeted emails to the customers on your email list.

    They have tons of tools that allow for seamless newsletter creations and a great analytics tool that tells you all you need to know about how to optimize your email list to provide better results.

    Project 146 02
    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 23


    Sendinblue is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that integrates seamlessly with WordPress. With Sendinblue, you can manage your email marketing efforts and even go as far as launching SMS campaigns. With Sendinblue you can automate your email campaigns and improve sales across your eCommerce store.

    Cart Recovery for WordPress

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    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 24

    This is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that works perfectly with Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce and other WordPress eCommerce plugins.

    Cart abandonment is one of the major problems plaguing eCommerce today. But with Cart Recovery for WordPress, you have a better hold of the abandoned carts in your eCommerce website. You can view data on abandoned carts and automate emails reminding the customer of their abandoned carts.

    Cart Recovery for WordPress captures the customer’s name and email address the moment they make it to checkout. You can also keep track of customers that don’t make it to checkout with the save to cart option.

    Cart Recovery for WordPress is a great tool that greatly reduces cart abandonment in your eCommerce store.

    WP Rocket

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    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 25

    Having a fast website is non-negotiable. Both in eCommerce and outside. WP Rocket is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that minimizes page load time drastically, thereby increasing the overall time for the website to load.

    What separates WP Rocket from other caching and speed increasing plugins is that WP Rocket understands the complexities that are associated with an eCommerce website and WP Rocket is optimized for it. 

    Monster Insights

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    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 26

    This is a great WordPress eCommerce plugin that helps you understand your audience better. With Monster Insights, you can connect your eCommerce website with Google Analytics and have a more detailed insight into how customers interact with your brand.

    The plugin is free but it also has a pro version that offers more functionality on how to keep track of your customers and their activity on your website.

    Product Countdown WordPress eCommerce plugin

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    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 27

    This is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that does what the name suggests. A great way to boost sales is to increase the sense of urgency. And there’s no better way to do that than to put a timer on particular offers. This way, your customers are motivated to action lest they miss out on the promotion.

    Envira Gallery

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    The Best Plugins for Your Ecommerce Website 28

    As an online store, having a gallery is extremely important. How will you show your products if you don’t have a gallery?

    While WordPress lets you create an image gallery without the need for a plugin, it is limited.
    Envira Gallery is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that allows you to create beautiful and responsive images, albums, categories, etc.


    Before deciding on the best WordPress eCommerce plugins for your website, you need to make sure your eCommerce website is in order. You need to ensure your website has a strong foundation and you're not just plugging in plugins in hopes to fix your website.

    We've discussed the most important WordPress eCommerce plugins in this article, but the list is inexhaustible. If there's functionality your eCommerce website lacks, there's a plugin for it.

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