Boko Haram


I often wonder

Times without number

What desperation

What doctrination

Can undo a human

To extinguish the other man



Himself as well


Among this terrorist fold

Hardly a Christian you will find

But Muslims,

Ah yes – Muslims

Fiery bearded figures

causing tears and rigours.


In Nigeria, Boko Haram is the cloth they wear

In Afghanistan, Taliban is the designer label they flaunt

In Pakistan – Al Qaeda

What do we make of it?

Able bodied handsome young men

Intent on bile and ruin.


What tailor and material

Presided over the sewing of the garb

called Boko Haram?

Some say his name is ignorance

The sewing material – presidential elections.


They say some believe the presidency their birthright

When this belief was shattered

They prevailed on ignorance to sew a garb

And when the cloth was done

They wore it

And called it Boko Haram.

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