Career Path for Product Manager: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Product manager career path

The product manager career path is a highly exciting, and rewarding one. In today’s technology-driven society, the product manager plays a vital role in developing business products and services. Product managers aren’t just the people who work in product companies. They’re also the advisors, engineers, and even creatives of a company looking to build a successful product that benefits not only their clients but also the business itself.

But how do you become a great product manager? Let’s dig deeper into what the job entails so that you can learn more about the career path. If you’re considering becoming a product manager, but aren’t sure how to begin, this guide will provide you with all of the relevant information you need.

Who is a Product Manager?

Product manager career path
Career Path for Product Manager: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started 4

A product manager is a leader who designs and develops new products for a company to solve customers’ problems. They are often considered the person with the most authority over what a product will do. They are an essential part of any project’s success by working closely with engineers and designers to make sure everything about the product has been thought through before it is built. Product managers work tirelessly to lay out a strategy for their company’s future so that they can be prepared when the time comes to launch their products.

The product manager is in a unique position to see and influence the overall direction of a company. They are the person who is responsible for delivering a product that will not only fulfil their user’s needs but also make them happy. As such, they are essential in allowing a company to stay on top in today’s ever-changing tech landscape.

They are also responsible for maintaining the vision of a product, as well as setting achievable objectives by defining the desired user experience and user requirements.

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Product Manager Job Description

Product managers are responsible for helping create, launch and market new products. They create business opportunities in the form of products and services.

Their job description include;

  • They help define customers’ needs, make critical decisions about what to include in a product, provide roadmaps for its development and launch, and manage sales and marketing efforts to ensure its success.
  • Managing product development teams.
  • Developing strategies for products that meet customer needs
  • Devising processes for developing new product concepts and prototypes
  • Working with a team of engineers, designers and other professionals on projects across multiple departments
  • Managing budgets for projects
  • Identifying ways to improve productivity within engineering teams

How do you become a product manager?

The education route

  • In terms of education, you will need a bachelor’s degree in engineering, marketing or business administration with at least two years experience in marketing or product management environment.
  • Master’s degree in business administration with at least two years of experience in a marketing or product management environment.
  • CPA certification is another typical requirement for entry-level candidates because it demonstrates advanced financial acumen that helps companies make more informed decisions about their budgeting needs.
  • You can also consider taking courses at your local community college or university. Many courses are available online through open learning platforms such as Coursera and Udemy.

In terms of skills

The requirements for being a product manager are similar to those of other management positions, but some specific skills are important for the role.

  • The first requirement is that you possess enough technical proficiency to understand and communicate your findings effectively with others in the organization. This means having a solid understanding of the technology on which your product is built, from the backend to the front end. It also means being able to explain what areas you feel need improvement or new features that could make your product better.
  • A second requirement is that you have good business acumen and communication skills. You need to work well with other departments within your company and understand how their roles fit into the overall business strategy for your company. You also need good written and oral communication skills so that you can present findings clearly and concisely when presenting them at meetings or presenting them to investors or potential customers.
  • You need to have strong analytical skills in data, metrics and analysis. A successful product manager can analyze a situation, identify potential issues and come up with solutions using data analysis tools available in the market.
  • You should also have a good understanding of how different parts of an app work together so that you can build something efficient and valuable for users as a whole instead of focusing on one particular area only, like UI design or UX/UI design, etc., which may not be relevant at all times while developing new features or improving existing ones in an app or website etc

Product Manager Career Path

1. Associate Product Manager

The Associate Product Manager (APM) is a new role in the product management community. They have a similar role to that of a Product Manager. They are responsible for developing and delivering products across the marketplace, including new product development and enhancements to existing products. They are also responsible for maintaining the overall quality of a product or service while balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders.

Their responsibility includes;

  • Managing timelines, budgets, and resources
  • Ensuring that products meet user needs and expectations
  • Defining the customer experience for each product category
  • Conducting market research
  • Data analysis
  • Coordinating with multiple stakeholders

According to Indeed, the average salary for an associate product manager in the United States is about $71,000.

2. Junior Product Manager

The junior product manager is responsible for a specific product and its associated features. Junior product managers work closely with the customer to understand their needs and then develop and implement new products, features and services to meet them.

The role of the junior product manager is often considered a stepping stone for more senior positions. For example, an experienced senior product manager may be promoted into an executive role, such as vice president of product management or chief marketing officer.

Job Responsibilities

  • Identifying new products and services that customers want
  • Developing software or hardware products
  • Researching and analyzing data from previous projects to improve future ones
  • Managing the development process of a project, including hiring staff members

3. Senior Product Manager

Senior product managers are responsible for the success of the company and its products. They are responsible for managing each product from conception to launch, ensuring its success. Senior product managers are typically in charge of multiple products at once, which can be stressful but also exciting as they can work with different teams and touch on various disciplines. Senior product managers often have significant experience working with clients, whether large corporations or small startups and must understand how to best interact with them.

Job Responsibility

  • Creating market research studies that include qualitative interviews with potential customers to determine what they want from a new product or service
  • Conducting focus groups and usability tests on existing products
  • Keeping up-to-date on changes in technology and trends so that you don’t miss anything important about your industry
  • Planning out marketing campaigns for significant releases

The average salary for a senior product manager in the United States is just shy of $125,000 per year.

4. Product Manager

Product Manager Product managers are responsible for the success of products and product teams. They work closely with engineering, sales, and marketing to build new products and services that solve customer problems.

As a product manager, you will:

  • Manage the product backlog management process from ideation to launch.
  • Develop and manage an effective product development process.
  • Identify opportunities for innovation through research, market analysis, and competitive benchmarking.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to understand their needs for your product or service, then create a solution that meets those needs.
  • Create and maintain effective relationships with customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle.

The average product manager salary in the United States ranges from $89,000 ( Indeed ) to over $123,000 (Builtin).

5. The director of product

The Director of Product is a key person in the product team. The Director of Product reports to the CEO and leads the product organization. The Director of Product is responsible for the strategic direction, management, and leadership of a product development organization. This person will be expected to lead the product development team and ensure success. They will also manage the quality assurance, market research, and design process.


  • They are responsible for coordinating across teams,
  • Building consensus among stakeholders,
  • Setting direction for the company’s product strategy and managing all aspects of product development.
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Build scalable business via product marketing and outreach
  • Stay on top of consumer trends and market demands.

The average salary for a director of products in the United States is around $157,000 per year.

6. VP of Product

As a VP of product, you’ll be responsible for designing and developing new products and services. You will also be responsible for managing the product portfolio and supporting the team in its efforts to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

The VP of product is responsible for overall product strategy and development, including:-

  • Defining new products and services to meet customer needs-
  • Managing the product portfolio-
  • Developing the roadmap for future releases-
  • Developing tools that help employees collaborate on projects

7. Group Product Manager(GPM)

The Group Product Manager (GPM) is a key player in the product management process. The GPM is responsible for managing the product portfolio and ensuring that each product meets the quality standards of an organization. In this role, they will decide which products should be developed, what features will be included, and how to market these products.


  • Developing a business strategy and managing budgets
  • Build robust processes for an effective end-to-end product lifecycle
  • Coordinating with senior heads of various teams
  • Negotiating with external stakeholders
  • Risk analysis and mitigationManaging a large team
  • Handling recruitment


A product manager is a relatively new job description, and there is no standard professional qualification for product managers. Here we describe the various routes to becoming a product manager and how to succeed in this fast-changing field.

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