Verdant Art

Let's Celebrate! ÀRÍYÁ'09 [oil on canvas]

ÀRÍYÁ'09 Àríyá is a word in the Yorùbá language that directly translates as merriment. One of the three major tribes in Nigeria, the Yorùbás are...

The Rainbow

When you bother an angry man, this is what you get:

TRIUMPH [oil on board]

Here’s TRIUMPH , first of my 2013 paintings. It was inspired from my experience in the hatchery where lately I’ve been working. Believe me, the...

IYA BITINSIN-NINBI [as she sneezes she gives birth to a baby]

IYA BITINSIN-NINBI Iya bitinsin-ninbi is a Yoruba expression that directly translates as, "as she sneezes she gives birth" In this abstract work, I seek to highlight...

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