How to Get Pictures for Your Posts on Woculus

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As online writers, we do not have the privilege of using just any picture we see online. So, we have to select our pictures from sites that offer pictures for free without attrition. If for any reason, we take a picture from a site that is not offering pictures for free, we need to provide attrition appropriately.

Some of the sites that provide pictures for free include:

How to Get Pictures from Pixabay

Here, I'll quickly run through the process of getting pictures from The methods on the other sites are similar to this.

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When the page loads, enter a keyword that describes the kind of picture you are looking for. You may need to tweak the keyword a couple of times to find a perfect fit.

Next, click the “download” button and select the size named – “small”

Pixaby selection
After selecting the picture that is fine, click the download button and then select “s” for small. Then download the picture

I will advise that you open a folder for pictures and other things that relate to Woculus. This will make it easy to find whatever you need.

Pixabay save
Save to your computer so that you can upload to Woculus

Once you save the picture in this folder, you can always go back to it to upload to the Woculus library for your use.

How to Take a Snapshot from Your Computer Screen

Some posts require that you take a snapshot of an application, webpage, window, or just about anything that appears on your screen. This post will introduce you to a tool you can use to achieve this.

Capturing With PicPick

PicpickPicPick is a free software that you can use for capturing a part of your computer screen or full screen. You can easily download PicPick on your computer and use whenever you need to take a snapshot. It has many functions, but this post will focus on the use for taking snapshots. It has 8 types of snapshots that you can take.

Learn how to use PicPick for taking pictures from the following article. You can play around with the features that are not mentioned.

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