How to Develop Scripts to Effectively Respond to FAQs & Inquiries

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Scripts are a valuable resource for call center and customer service operations.  Scripts for FAQs & inquiries help such organizations streamline operations and ensure speed and efficiency in responding to customer questions and inquiries.   Understanding how to develop scripts for FAQs & inquiries is an essential skill when setting up a call center or customer service team in order to effortlessly orient new employees and create an effective workflow.  By developing good scripts for FAQs & Inquiries new call center and customer service representatives can easily learn on the job and become immediately productive by utilizing the established scripts to respond to customer inquiries.

This article will focus on helping you understand how to develop scripts for inbound calls to effectively respond to FAQs & Inquiries.  You can also learn how to develop canned responses for messages and emails based on FAQs & Inquiries from our other articles.

A Good Call Script for FAQs and Inquiries

A call script is essentially a cheat sheet for call center and customer service personnel to reference when responding to questions and inquiries on the phone.    For a call script to be effective it must:

  • Have the information needed by the customer service personnel
  • Be easy to read
  • Be easy to understand

Scripts for call centers and customer service must contain all necessary information needed by personnel to attend to customers.  Call scripts must also be easy for personnel to read and understand with the most basic orientation or knowledge of the business/organization.

Identify the FAQs & Inquiries Commons in Inbound Calls

An in-depth understanding of your business operations and how your customers use your product will help you determine the questions that will be frequently asked and possible inquiries that may be made by customers. This will help you in developing the scripts for inbound calls.

For example, typical questions customers have for online merchants would include return policies, exchanges, delivery times and payment methods.

Make a list of all possible questions that can arise throughout your sales process. For an online store, you would consider the process for registering on your website, finding products to buy, adding products to carts, checking out products, returning products and rating products.  For each of these stages of the sales process, imagine you are the customer and identify the questions and inquiries that can arise.

Develop the Scripts

Guided by the list of possible questions and inquiries generated in the step above, you can start generating scripts for your call center and customer service personnel.  To develop your scripts keep in mind the purpose of the script and how the scripts will be used.

Call scripts for FAQs & Inquiries must be well organized to enable personnel easily find needed information when dealing with customers.  This can be achieved by arranging the scripts in sections example – registration inquiries, payment inquiries, return inquiries etc.

Tips for an Effective Call Script

Write the script in a conversational tone

By providing the needed answer in conversational tones the job of the personnel is simplified.  Your script will achieve its objective by enabling your service personnel to deliver information effortlessly with little or no preparation.

The tone of the script will also ensure that the service personnel sounds friendly and inviting to the client.  A script written in very strict or formal tones may be a turnoff for the customer on the phone.

Use simple language

Scripts should be written in simple language that can be easily understood by the reader and listener. Avoid using jargon and slang terms that may attract more questions and confusion from the customer.

The main reason to keep the language of the script simple is so that service personnel can read the scripts quickly and understand promptly.  The use of big or complicated words can make this very difficult.

Make answers straightforward

Provide the shortest answers and quickest solutions in your call scripts.  Focus on creating answers that ensure your customers do not have to call back to make additional inquiries.  The service personnel, no matter how new on the job, should also be able to clearly understand the information in the script.  Well written scripts for FAQs & inquiries can easily double as a training resource for new personnel.

Test the Scripts

Now that you have developed scripts for FAQs and Inquiries, you need to test the scripts in an actual two-way interaction to ensure that your script is fit for purpose.  You can test your scripts by using them in training simulations for your call center staff or customer service personnel and by asking experienced personnel to review the content of the scripts.

Assess how easy or difficult it is for the users of your scripts to hold a smooth conversation with customers guided by the scripts.  Incorporate your test results and feedback in improving the quality of your script for greater effectiveness.


Understanding how to develop scripts for FAQ and Inquiries will help customer service and sales leaders setup operations that are efficient and effective in meeting customer questions and inquiries.

Begin your script development by reflecting on your business and operations to identify possible questions and inquiries that service personnel may be faced with frequently.  Then answer the questions generated as simple as possible to enable service personnel easily utilize the script to meet customer needs.


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