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“Let others build a cave with their clay. I will build a castle with mine.”

Og Mandino
Editorial Style Guide for Woculus

Thank you for your interest in writing for Woculus readers! At Woculus, we are driven by our desire to help our readers improve their productivity on the Internet whether they have English as their native language or not.

Let’s start with a brief about Woculus …

About Woculus

Everything has changed since the birth of the information age.

Communication has completely re-evolved. It is surprising that older means of communication had several disadvantages. Yet, these setbacks remained fairly unnoticed until the information age.

Woculus seeks to help readers transit from traditional methods of communication to easier and better methods using the tools provided by the Internet e.g. emails and social media.

We dig out the most important tips and tricks as well as necessary tools and then guide readers through the best ways to harness them profitably for personal and/or business success.

We believe in the power of the Internet to transform every aspect of life and business. Already, many businesses are experiencing the positive touch of the Internet. Our goal is to increase this impact.

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Take a look at some of our most popular posts below to have an idea of what we write about:

Kindly note that we only accept original content – not previously published.

Blog Post Format

Overall Style and Tone

We like to keep our posts friendly, intelligent and educative. Also, we want your voice and personality to shine through.

Word Count

Being an education blog, we accept blog posts between 900 and 2000 words. We require that every blog post is concise and yet exhaustive. Our readers like examples, templates, screenshots, worksheets, and action plans.


The best posts on Woculus have shareable headlines – “How-tos”, “10 Steps to …”, “10 Examples of …”, “Basics of …”. Use a headline that gets the reader’s attention.


Our readers like articles that can be skimmed through and yet readable for more detail. So, we expect you to break down your post into sub-headings. Additionally, use bold texts to highlight important points for our readers.


We love internal linking. If you find related posts on our site, please do well to link back to them. If not, we will handle that ourselves. Also, we accept a maximum of one link to an external site. However, we reserve the right to remove the link based on our own discretion (no questions asked).

You will be given a 50-word bio at the bottom of your guest post. In your bio, you are free to include a maximum of two links back to your personal or company’s website and/or blog posts.


Every post will require a featured image. We accept pictures with a minimum of 600 px in width. Also, we accept only Creative Commons and other copyright-safe pictures. Ensure you save the picture with the keyword in the headline of your post. It will be nice if you have additional pictures in-between some of the paragraphs.

Getting Started

1. Email us here to let us know what you’d like to write about and why you have chosen that topic. Include a brief outline of what we should expect. Also, include a link to two or more posts on your own blog that you are proud of.

We mostly reply within 24 hours but please give us up to 5 business days to respond to you in case we get overwhelmed with work.

2. Once your post idea is approved, write the post and send it to us in Word document format via email. make sure it is ready to publish – no grammar errors or spelling errors. You can read it out loud to yourself or let a friend proofread for you to achieve this.

3. We prefer not to edit your post, but if necessary, we will.

4. Once your final post is approved, we will schedule it to be posted on our site. You will also get a notification once your post is scheduled to be posted.

Now Your Post is Published

Once your post gets published on Woculus, we expect you to share the post on social media. Also keep an eye on the post for comments from readers, so that you can respond to their comments.

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