Meet the Millionaire That Caused 2 Giant Leaps in Web 2.0: Evan Williams, Twitter Co-founder

    How much do you know about the millionaire genius, Evan Williams, who co-founded two of the world’s Top 10 Internet portals –Twitter and Blogger- and is highly reputed as one of the Fathers of Social Media?



    Evan Williams talks passionately

    One completely amazing thing about Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder is his drive towards democratizing the web.

    Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder has consistently demonstrated strong passion to democratize the World Wide Web in all of his handiworks. First, he began with blogger, followed by Odeo and then Twitter amongst his many Social Media creations.

    He was born on March 31, 1972.

    What You Should Know about Evan Williams’ Business Life

    Just like many other American Internet Business Guru, Evan Williams dropped out of school to run his company and now ranks as a ‘father of Social Media’.

    Particularly, Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder is said to be involved in founding two of the top ten portals on the Internet today – Twitter and Blogger. In fact, Evan Williams is acknowledged as the person who coined the term ‘blogger’.

    Blogger began as a little hobby for him in 1999 when Evan Williams with Meg Hourihan and Paul Bausch (his friends) began writing blogs for themselves and later had to expand their codes to allow more people to get involved in blogging. To their utter amazement, more people began to like blogging and today, millions of bloggers publish on blogspot everyday.

    However, Evan Williams later had to sell blogger to Google in 2003 after a huge bankrupt. He dismissed all his staff and managed blogger all alone until Google indicated interest in acquiring his company and hiring him. He left Google less than a year after, in October 2004, to democratize podcasting by co-founding Odeo, a podcasting company.

    The Life of Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder

    In his Blogger profile, Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder, describes himself as ‘an American entrepreneur who was originally a farm boy from Nebraska but has been very lucky in business and life’.

    You’d agree that he was indeed more than lucky to have been a brain behind two monumental Internet portals.

    He schooled in University of Nebraska but later dropped out to live life the way he loved – democratizing the Web.

    He now lives in San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Sara Morishige and a son at 39 years of age.

    Evan Williams reveals more about himself on his LinkedIn profile, where he mentions how he has been involved with the Internet and start-ups since 1994, and that most of his preoccupations have been towards using the web as a force for the democratization of media.

    So far, his contribution to the ‘State of the World Wide Web’ today cannot be measured. Some really top notch web properties –  Pyra Lab, Odeo, Blogger, Twitter and many more – are well credited to be Evan Williams’ own brain child along with some of his friends. In addition, he is largely responsible for seeing Twitter grow from a local service to a global networking portal.

    Surprisingly, he still works with some other giant companies like Google, O Reilly where he continues to reveal more of his creative abilities.

    On Telegraph, Evan Williams reveals his mind set – a world where you will get answers to questions you did not know you had. He explained that his primary concern has been how to get people the information they want without they needing to search for it. In his words, “We are in the middle of a series of experiments to try and figure out how to enable people to discover what they need to know without asking”.

    Interestingly, Telegraph reported that Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder still drives Twitter’s vision, though he has relinquished his position as CEO to focus on Twitter product strategy. They refer to him as ‘Technology Visionary’.

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