Forever [Oil on Board] & African Patterns


FOREVER [oil on board]

People come, people go, the world is a stage in time. At each second count, a life extinguishes and another is birthed; but as endless as the ocean view from your standing point are the effects of the lofty deeds of men.

Good songs endure to outlive the musician, even when he's gone; generations yet unborn will get to hear of them, if indeed they are good songs. The place he occupied while he lived he has relinquished now but his essence, that thing for which he lived, the songs he sang, will wield even now the same measure of influence as that he commanded when he stood before his audience to perform.

So is the author and his book, the scientist and his invention, the painter and his art, the prophet and his message, and indeed every man who has journeyed inwards to discover something to the benefit of the world.

I reckon that the world is a stage and each of us a performer.

You know, one day your life will flash before your eyes: what feelings will such moments bring? Regrets that you were too busy running around, seeking survival while the very purpose of your life was half-attended or not at all attended till your time is up and you're no more,  or will it be pleasure and gratitude that you lived to justify the reason for your making?

True happiness, we've heard, comes only from squandering ourselves for a purpose; have you discovered yet that purpose for which you are willing to die?

“We find ourselves in a world filled with challenges just waiting to be taken on. We find ourselves equipped with the talents necessary to meet those challenges. Doesn't that combination of challenges and the ability to meet them tell us something about why we're here?” -Keith DeGreen

As I put the last strokes of brush into this work, done mostly in the dead of the night, I remembered some of the impactful people I've come to know, and chief among the lot is Christ, man without whose sacrifice at Calvary mankind is doomed!

  • Michael Faraday (who gave electricity to the world);
  • Michelangelo Bunnerotii(Sistine ceiling paintings taking over 4 yrs to complete; an account said he suffered a sight defect owing to the position he maintained while on that project);
  • Guttenberg( imagine a world without books! That man invented the technology of printing; he gave us the first bible in a book);
  • Graham Bell(time piece);
  •  Orville and Wilbur Wright(aircraft);
  •  Ayinla Omowura(music; undying voice of wisdom);
  • Baba Ara(music; spirituality);
  • Richard Wright(The Black Boy; black hero);
  • Obafemi Awolowo(unparalleled Nation Builder);
  • Raji Fashola(beacon of hope in the midst of gross national mess);
  • George Orwell(Animal Farm, voice of reason);
  • Dagrin(voice of Nigerian ghetto);
  • Beautiful Nubia(voice of the common man; voice of reason);
  • Tope Alabi (anointed voice of reason; leader of God's worship);
  • Matemilola Ashabi (my grandma, embodiment of plainness and love);
  • Ken Follet(writer, Pillars of the Earth);
  • King Sunny Ade (music, phenomenal, ageless dexterity);
  • Louis Pasteur(scientist, he propounded the Germs Theory,showing the world the mystery behind diseases; he discovered Penicillin, first known antibiotics);
  • Pablo Picasso(Art exponent, Girl before the Mirror);
  • Nelson Mandela (black hero; scepter of unity and peace);
  • Mahatma Gandhi (a flow of love and humanity);
  • Revd. Martin Luther King (black hero; vision of egalitarianism);
  • Lagbaja (singer of inspirations; voice of love and positivity);
  • Mother Teresa(flow of love, peace and purity);
  • Kenny K'ore (a showcase of God's gift per excellence; every song a challenge for others to revisit the drawing board);
  • Thomas Edison (the inventor of the electric light bulb; the illuminator of the world);
  • Edward Jenner (scientist who suffered great adversity at his first mention of the concept of vaccination)

….wow, and the list is endless!

But as for me, my daily strive shall continue to be to hang onto every little gift and dream inside of me, who knows for which of them I may one day come to be defined: the animals I relieve of pains, the book I write, perhaps the painting I make…and to you too I extend the prayers of Michael Faraday:

…that you may, in your generation, be compared to a candle; that you may, like it, shine as lights to those about you; that in all your actions, you may justify the beauty of the tapper by making all your deeds honorable and effectual in the discharge of your duty to your fellow men.

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  1. This piece is a must-read for anyone who thinks he or she has any special skill, gifts or talents.

    Talents are not for us to boast or use as we will but to fulfill the purpose of the Great Giver who has bestowed upon us such great talents.

    If you ain't using your talent yet or rightly, you are probably being very ungrateful to the One who gave it.

    • I agree with you Aafa. This is one of the deepest piece of the human mind I have ever come across.

      I believe it’s a must-read for anyone who thinks he or she is talented.

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