Guidelines on How to Apply for Jobs via Email

Applying for jobs via email has become increasingly popular and employers are quite receptive to the idea. If you intend to apply for jobs via email, bear in mind that your communication should be formal and professional. The principles for job applications via email are similar to those used for writing job application letters. However, it still has its own uniqueness.

There are a lot of things that go into a job application via email. These points will be discussed one after the other.

Preparing the Documents

The very first thing you need to do before applying for any job via email is to get all the document required ready in soft copy. You may need to scan these documents if they are hard copies and convert them to the required formats. Popular formats include PDF, MS Word, and JPG. Store all the documents in a single folder on your hard drive. Commonly required documents include résumé (or curriculum vitae), a cover letter (job application letter), certificates, testimonials, identification documents etc. It is important to also ensure that you use your name as filenames for these documents. For example SmithJonesRésumé.pdf or SmithJonesCert.pdf.

The Cover (or Application) Letter

Before running off to send your job application email, you should ensure that you have a very good cover letter. A cover letter provides important details about your expertise showing that you are suitable for the job you are applying for. It also expresses why you would like to work for the company offering the job. Therefore, your cover letter is essentially your job application.

Your cover letter can be written in two ways. You can write it using a word processor like MS Word. You may then convert this to a PDF file if you wish. Either way, you will eventually attach it to your email. You may also type it directly in your email. Both methods are acceptable when applying for jobs via email. However, ensure you follow the instructions indicated in the job posting regarding how you should prepare and submit your cover letter and other documents.

Your cover letter should be brief, but standard. Include all the necessary details required for the job you are applying for. However, the entire cover letter should be comprised of two or three succinct paragraphs. Other important guides for a good cover letter are specified below.

1. Give a Proper Heading (or Subject Line)

A heading for the cover letter written with a word processor is same as a subject line if the letter is written directly in your email. The heading (or subject line) should reflect the position you are applying for. It should also carry your name. For example John Smith, Maintenance Manager Position. This short but well-detailed heading makes it easy for the recipient to immediately identify what the cover letter is addressing. There is a chance that your email would be ignored if you do not use a proper heading (or subject line) when applying for jobs via email.

2. Address the Cover Letter Properly

If you have decided to send your cover letter as an attachment, that is, you are writing it with a word processor, it important that you address it appropriately. For example, you may address the cover letter thus: “The Human Resource Manager, Goldberg Innovations, Townsville, Alabama”.  You will notice that this is quite similar to writing a hard copy letter. However, this is only appropriate if you intend to attach the cover letter. If you are typing directly into your email message box, this aspect is not necessary. Instead, your opening greeting, as we will see below, would address the recipient of the email.

3. Start with Salutation

Start your cover letter with a formal greeting. There are two ways of doing this depending on how you intend to send your cover letter. First, if you intend to attach it, then you may begin with: “Dear Sir/Ma”. Or if you know the gender of the recipient, you can just pick either “Sir” or “Ma”.

Secondly, for cover letters typed directly into your email, you should address the recipient here as part of the opening salutation. For example, you may write: “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Human Resource Manager”. However, addressing your cover letter would largely depend on what the hiring company has already specified. Every instruction from the company should be carefully followed so that your cover letter is not disregarded.

4. Provide Only Essential Details

There is no need to give unnecessary details in your cover letter when applying for jobs via email. Stick to only what is required. Going overboard with irrelevant information may puff off the employer. When you supply your details, match your qualifications with the job requirement. This makes it easily noticeable that you are well suited for the job position.

5. Be Optimistic

Ensure you do not mention any negative or pessimistic about yourself or the job. Stay positive and optimistic in your tone. No one wants to hire someone with a gloomy outlook on life. Therefore, do not spell out any present or anticipated challenges regarding you, the company or the job. If you really want the job, then there is no need to bring up points regarding future problems with it. Towards the end of the cover letter, it is important to show that you look forward to working for the company.

6. In Closing

Do not forget the small “Thank you” at the end of the cover letter. You may close by writing: “Yours Faithfully” or “Yours Sincerely”. These are the common formal methods of closing a cover letter for job application via email.

7. Add Your Signature

Add your signature appropriately, whether the cover letter is to be an attachment or typed directly into your email. Include your full name, email address, phone number and if you wish, a social media address, preferably LinkedIn.

8. Check for Errors

Carefully check your cover letter for typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. You can inadvertently disqualify yourself from the job you are applying for if you neglect to check for these errors. Checking for errors should also include checking to see you included all the necessary information in your cover letter.

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Sample Cover Letter (Email): Applying for Jobs via Email

Subject: John Smith, Maintenance Manager Position

Dear Human Resource Manager,

I wish to apply for the position of Maintenance Manager in your flour factory.

As a recent graduate of Industrial Engineering, I believe I meet your requirements for this position at Flour First Factories Limited.

You emphasized that you wanted someone with good interpersonal relationship skills. While in college, I led a social group known as The Friends and Family. The group’s primary activity was to look out for needy first-year students. Leading such a group successfully requires excellent interpersonal relationship skills.

The practical experience I acquired during my field training, my maturity and sheer passion for industrial work make me suitable for this position. I will indeed be a beneficial addition to Flour First Factories Limited.

I have attached my curriculum vitae to this email.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

John Smith

101 Kay Street

Lake Town 001211

[email protected] 

(444) 0011-0055-1122

Dr. Kelechi Duru
Dr. Kelechi Duru
Dr. Kelechi Duru is a physician with a keen interest in healthcare administration and business management. And yes, he rather writes about business than the latest clinical trials. He enjoys building castles in the air with his wife (they currently live in one) and has a wild fascination for nature.

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