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An online job interview can be the only thing you can think of and stress about when you’re scheduled for one. Any candidate would want to know the interview questions before the interview. Since no one is a mind reader, we have tried to sum up some of the most common online interview questions that the candidate may come across.

Usually, the questions for an online interview are the same with the face-to-face ones. It is not advisable to prepare the answers as if you are learning a poem by heart. However, you definitely will feel more comfortable during an interview knowing some of the questions.

1.  Tell Me Something About Yourself

The key to success is confidence. Sustained confidence can help you obtain everything you ever wanted. When the interviewer asks to tell them something about yourself, start with your hobbies and what you are interested in. Then, try to talk about things that recommend you for the job. Consider presenting the skills you have improved due to the past working experience. Furthermore, you should connect the acquired skills to the position you have applied for. Talk about your studies, hobbies and previous work experience with great confidence.

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2.  How Did You Find Out About the Job and Why Do You Want It?

When you are asked about how you found out about the job, be honest. This way you’ll earn the interviewer’s trust. If he trusts you, he will rely on you for the job position. Tell them exactly what lead you to their website. Name the person who told you about the job opening or point the article where you have read about them. Furthermore, explain what made you apply for this job and why is so important to obtain it. If you couldn’t imagine working anywhere else, make sure to tell them what exactly motivates you about this job. Why are you so eager to get that position? Make sure to state your reasons.

3.  Tell Me About Your Previous Job

Your past experience and your previous achievements will recommend you for this job. Tell your interviewer how your past job helped develop your skills. Make sure you give relevant examples. Proving you are a dedicated, hard-working person will convince the potential employer to schedule a next interview. The fact that you are answering the questions online can help you think more until finding the right answer. If you did not like your previous job that much or if it is not relevant for the current position, make sure to tell this to the interviewer. They will appreciate your honesty.

4.  What Do You Know About the Company?

Before answering some interview questions, irrespective if it is an online interview or a face-to-face interview, consider taking a look at the company’s official website. By entering their website, you will be able to learn more about their company’s history, overview, specs, and achievements. Furthermore, you should read more about other opened positions and see whether you can apply for them too. When you are well informed, you feel more powerful. This way, it will be easier to relax during the interview.

5.  Why Should We Hire You?

When you really want to obtain a job and you are ready to work hard to get it, it means that you are really passionate about it. Prove to the interviewer that you are determined and explain why they should hire you. Make sure to not brag about all your qualities. However, you should not be shy either. Speak your mind and tell them why you would be a great fit for that job opening. They will appreciate your determination. Also, tell them how your potential evolution in the company will boost the development of the entire department.

6.  What Is Your Greatest Strength/Weakness?

It is best to avoid offering unnecessary details and examples about yourself. Make sure that even if you state your weaknesses, you will not disqualify yourself for the job. When talking about your strengths, try to refer to your past experience and the skills you have improved. Furthermore, you can talk about your personal life, but do not get into too personal details. When talking about your weaknesses and strengths, try to be self-aware. The interviewer will appreciate the fact that you are open, ready to speak about family and friends. However, do not overshare.

7.  Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?

Show that you are able to face challenges that come in your way. Even if you are not prepared for a surprise meeting or a new deadline, show them that you are hard-working. Be realistic and show the interviewer that you have a perspective for the future. Think about how you wish to evolve, prove you want to work hard to reach your goal.

Preparing for an online interview is easier than you think if you establish your priorities. If you have a list of possible interview questions, you will feel more relaxed. Your stress will fade away and you will be able to concentrate to offer appropriate answers. It is extremely important to be honest and self-aware, without sharing unnecessary details about yourself. Tell your interviewer that you are a fast learner and do your best to get that job.

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