How to Reply after Receiving a Quotation Letter

    Quotation emails are some of the most common emails among businesses. Businesses are in constant communication with each other. Regardless if you’re a B2B company servicing other businesses or you’re a B2C company servicing customers. You’re bound to send or reply to a quotation email sooner or later. 

    In plain terms, a quotation email is an email that is written to inquire about the cost of a product, service, or the general rules of engagement when doing business with you.

    If you’re a supplier or a distributor, you’re going to be receiving more quotation request emails than you’re likely to send. This means customers and businesses alike are going to send you quotation requests for your goods or services.

    In this article, we’re going to discuss how to reply professionally after receiving a quotation. Upon receipt of a quotation from a supplier, there are three significant responses to give. They are:

    • Thank you for your quotation email.
    • Quotation acceptance emails.
    • Quotation rejection emails.

    If you send a response to their quotation and do not hear back, you could also send a:

    • Follow up email after quotation.

    Most times, when you receive a quotation email, it’s usually a reply to a quotation request sent by you. So, you either respond positively to the quotation if it matches your budget, or you decline if the terms are not met.

    Thank You Email Reply After Receiving a Quotation Letter

    As a business, the main reason to request quotation emails is to compare suppliers and ensure you’re getting the best deals for the product or service. For a particular project, you can send as many quotation request emails to as many companies as you want. After this, you wait for these companies to submit their quotations and take your pick from the litter. You select the company that fits your budget and time frame.

    Here are a few things to note when writing a thank you email for quotation.

    • Express thanks to the suppliers for replying your proposal request.
    • Explain that you received a lot of quotations and you’re going to select the one that fits your terms.
    • Give a timeline on when you’re going to get back to them with a definite response.
    • Thank them for their time.

    Below are samples on how to send thank you email for quotation

    How to Reply after Receiving a Quotation Letter
    How to Reply after Receiving a Quotation Letter 2

    Thank You for Your Quotation Sample 1

    Hello Asteroid Inc,
    We would like to express our thanks to you for replying our email requesting quotations for our upcoming project. We received a surprisingly number of quotations from different companies. We’re currently in the process of reviewing each of those proposals to find out which best matches our terms. 
    We’re going to be in touch with you in the coming weeks if your quotation meets our terms. For further clarification we may be emailing you for assistance.  
    Thank you again for sending in your quotations. 
    Jim Blessed. 

    Thank You for Your Quotation Sample 2

    Hi Planet Projects,
    We received an overwhelming number of responses to our quotation request emails. We’d like to thank you for your interest in our project to expand our offices in Nevada. 
    We will be reviewing all the quotations we receive to find out which best suits our terms. We may be in need of some information from you in the future, hence, we may be reaching out to you. If it’s not too much of a hassle, we’d like a point person to send any further inquiry. 
    Thank you again for sending in your quotation. We’ll be in touch. 
    Jim Blessed. 

    Thank You for Your Quotation Sample 3

    Hello Food Corp,
    Thank you for responding to our quotation request to deliver food to all our branches in the south west. We received a staggering amount of quotations from outstanding companies willing to partner with us. We do not take this for granted. 
    We will be reviewing each quotation to find the best fit for us. We may be reaching out to you concerning your quotation if we need further clarifications. 
    After our review process we’ll get back to you with a response. Thank you for your interest in working with us.   
    Jim Blessed.

    Below are samples on how best to send thank you for your quotation emails.

    Quotation Acceptance Emails

    After a thorough review of the quotations submitted, the proposal that best matches your terms gets accepted. Here are a few samples of quotation acceptance emails.

    Sample One Quotation Acceptance Email

    Dear James,
    I’m writing on behalf of Station Holdings Inc. With regards to the quotation email that was submitted on the 17th of June. Thank you for honouring our quotation request and sending in your quotation. 
    After a thorough review your offer with regards to our project at hand, we have discovered that your quotation meets out metric and the details are in order. This should be regarded as an official email accepting your quotation. 
    We are currently drafting a purchase order in line with your quotation. We will send a copy immediately we are done to officially get this process on the way.
    We look forward to doing business with you. 
    Yours Sincerely,
    Jim Blessed.

    Sample Two Quotation Approval Email

    Dear Samuel,
    We are excited to notify you that your quotation sent on the 18th of December has been approved by our company for the expansion of our new offices. After reviewing a number of proposals, we’re excited to go with you as your pricing matched our budget and your stated time for delivery is in line with our plans. 
    We have scheduled a meeting on the 17th of January to officially set things off. Please reach out to us to finalize details of this meeting. 
    If you have any inquiries or complaints, please contact Jane on 123-456-7890.
    Thank you for working with us. 
    Yours Faithfully, 
    Simeon Todd.

    Sample Three Quotation Acceptance Email

    Dear Osarobo,
    We’re writing this email with regards to the quotation you sent on the 17th of September. This email is an official approval of your quotation. 
    We reviewed a number of proposals and your quotation checked all of our boxes. We are excited to be going into business with you. 
    Please reach out to us to schedule a meeting to finalize the details of the proposal. If you have further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach us. 
    Yours Sincerely, 
    James Blessed.

    Quotation Rejection Emails

    When your company receives a proposal, upon review of the quotation, a rejection email is sent to the distributor or supplier if the quotation sent does not match your criteria. Here are a few samples on quotation rejection emails.

    Sample One Quotation Rejection Email

    Dear Anna,
    I am writing on behalf of Beats Inc. regarding the quotation sent by your company on the 18th of December. We’d like to thank you for taking out time to send us a detailed quotation. Your quotation was well presented and delivered. 
    Unfortunately, we’re going to be rejecting your quotation as the price in your quotation was far above our budget. Due to this, we have decided to go with another company. 
    We appreciate the time and effort you took to write and submit your quotation. We look forward to working with you in the future. If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
    Yours Sincerely, 
    James Hadid. 

    Sample Two Quotation Rejection Email

    Dear Tunde,
    I am the project coordinator of Hadid and Co. I am writing with regards to the quotation you submitted on the 18th of January. We were duly impressed by your quotation and would like to appreciate the time and effort it to prepare it. 
    At this point we’re going to have to reject your quotation due to the fact that we already have a dedicated distributor for the project. 
    We’re going to be announcing new projects in the future and would like to consider you for some of them. Thank you for sending in your quotation. We look forward to working with you in the future. 
    Yours Sincerely, 
    Jim Blessed. 

    Sample Three Quotation Rejection Email

    Dear Iron Inc.,
    We’re writing this email regarding the quotation you sent on the 18th of February with regards to our new set of offices. We appreciate the time you took to prepare your quotation.
    At this point, we’re going to decline your quotation as the price your shipping fee is beyond our budget. Other than that your quotation met all our other requirements. If you’d like to continue discussions with a considerably lower shipping cost, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 
    Thank you again for sending in your quotation. We look forward to doing business with you. 
    Your Sincerely, 
    Samuel Rise. 

    Follow Up Email After Quotation

    A follow up email to a client after quotation works in two ways, when they respond to your quotation request, vs when they don't. If they respond to your quotation, you can send either of the samples above. If they don't here's a sample you can send on how to follow up a quote:

    Follow up Quotation Request Email Sample

    Hi Jason, 
    My name is Jim Blessed and I am reaching out of behalf of Woculus Inc, inquiring about the quotation request email we sent. 
    We're sending this email as we haven't heard from you and would like to understand your stand. 
    Please get back to us as soon as possible to get the ball rolling. 
    Thank you for your time, 
    Kind regards, 
    Jim Blessed


    Upon receiving a quotation, there are things that must be done before a reply is sent. The quotation has to be reviewed to make sure it meets your company’s objectives. If it does, a positive response is sent, and negative response when it does not.

    If you need more time to contemplate or review the proposal, then a thank you email should be sent. There are a few samples here on Quotation Rejection Emails, Quotation Acceptance Emails and Thank you for your Quotation Emails.

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