Igniting a revolution in Online Search: Niche Search Engines Emerge


The internet is constantly changing. It is amazing how suddenly another innovation begins to garner acceptance on the internet.

Moreover, because of the speed of transferring information online, new developments rise very fast and are quickly adopted by the internet community. That is the story of the niche search engines for Christians (SeekFind), Muslims (I’mhalal) and Jews (Jewogle). Even though an African-American search engine (rushmoredrive) closed down in 2009, these search engines still strive for a cause they believe in. This is not surprising because search engines appear to be the lifeline for navigation and finding web pages on the internet today.

I’mHalal – Search Engine for the Muslim Community

I’mHalal was founded by Reza Sardeha in Amsterdam.  The aim of this search engine is to produce Islam-oriented results or the Islamic perspectives of queries. While terms considered sinful may not return any result, some other unsupported terms are likely to return the Islamic opinion of the search queries. Just like many other niche platforms, I’mHalal has acquired many devoted fans among both Muslims and non-Muslim folks across the world. Presently, most users of I’mHalal come from the United State, United Arab Emirate, and Asian countries generally.

SeekFind- Search Engine for the Christian Community

SeekFind has been geared towards returning only search results from bible-based websites. It was founded in Colorado by Shea Houdmann. Houdman aims to satisfy searchers who want godly information and are looking for the biblical perspective of a subject or query. Its name was drawn from the bible quote “seek and ye shall find.”   Like I’mHalal, SeekFind already has many loyal searchers who are attracted to the decency of the search engine.

Another emerging niche search engine is Jewogle, which is for the Jewish Community. Though none of these search engines has become popular, the prospect of their survival is still unpredictable. It is arguably true however that they have attracted a few more people into the online community. Moreover, some parents claim to have more peace leaving their children with these search engines instead of the popular ones.

Dr. Ayoade Oyedotun
Dr. Ayoade Oyedotunhttps://woculus.com/
Dr. Ayoade Oyedotun is the co-founder of Afrimash - An Online Shopping Site for Agricultural Items. His daily work encompasses customer service, sales and marketing, human capital management, and business operations management. He is passionate about working smarter using the Internet technology.

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