Lessons from the Lady Blogger, Natalie Sisson of womanzworld.com

Natalie Sisson is the founder of WomanzWorld and a cofounder of ConnectionPoint Systems.

WomanzWorld helps other women CEOs to connect and learn, while ConnectionPoint Systems is a technology company that created FundRazr, a Social Commerce application on Facebook.

Natalie Sisson’s Background

Natalie Sisson grew up with her sister in New Zealand, from where she moved to London in 2006 and later to Canada. She worked in brand marketing, product management and new business development for about 10 years before she made up her mind to step out of the comfort zone.

How Natalie Sisson became an Entrepreneur

Natalie Sisson’s first attempt at owning a business was with FundRazr.com where she met both failures and successes.

Her blog, WomanzWorld, however was churned out of her passion to collaborate with other women that are starting up businesses.

Initially, she did not pay so much attention to the rapid growth of the blog. However, by April 2010, she decided to focus on the blog fulltime.

She said,

“WomanzWorld.com came out of my desire to connect with more women in the technology industry … I knew there were plenty of women in business that I could benefit from meeting and collaborating with… Up until now it’s been purely a passion and hobby”

Natalie Sisson’s Advice to Women who are about to Start a Business

Women are starting businesses at double the rate of men right now. As a lady, Natalie Sisson advises that you start your business if you have the following qualities:

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Intuition and instincts
  3. Ability to multi-task
  4. Ability to connect with others
  5. Persistence and patience
  6. Natural marketers and networkers
  7. Consistency in actions.

Here’s Natalie Sisson’s definition of success,

“I think success comes from being truly passionate and committed, from applying focused actions to what you do every day, from persevering where others give up, and by being true to your values no matter what.”

Natalie Sisson advises women to be less hard on themselves and take failure as a vital step towards success. Her submission is that, ‘it’s all about the journey and not the destination’.

Connect with Natalie Sisson on Twitter

Follow Natalie Sisson’s company @womanzworld or

Follow her personally @nataliesisson

Natalie Sisson’s Mind Exposed

Natalie Sisson said, 3 very wrong assumptions made by business starters are:

  • It’s easy
  • It costs very little
  • You have to be a technical whizkid

To stand out among bloggers, Natalie Sissons believe you should;

  1. Define and target very focused Niche market and add your personality to it.
  2. Provide value, insight and humor on a regular basis
  3. Be aware of what other business leaders are doing
  4. Be unique

Natalie Sisson has a straight definition of entrepreneurship,

“In reality, it means a lot of hard work. It’s not easy to live the life you always envisioned – and for me, it’s one where I choose my own adventures and work from where I want, when I want.  Finally, I get to choose my projects and who I work with. Entrepreneurs also have the ability to create a better world for others by bringing their ideas and innovations to life. Leaving a legacy is what drives me more than anything.”

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