Nigeria – A Nation In Search of Heroes

Tell where,
In what remote existence is Awolowo,
the selfless sage?
Where is Gani?
Where is Fela?
Neither the better critic
And where,
I ask, is Fajuyi – that embodiment of soldierly ideal?
He whose courage was more than human
But where are the giants of yesteryears?

… And I have searched the entire length and breadth
for that Ogoni man
who Abacha in cold blood murdered.
What of Achebe?
What of Okigbo – whose writ and wit won us fame and dule?
Again I ask;
Where are the giants of yesteryears?

I see them no more in me,
Than in my fellow Nigerians.
Now I see blood
Ah yes
Blood Dripping
Drop by drop
From the heart of Nigeria
Our giants;
Their species
Are extinct
Ah yes
They are gone with the wind
NIGERIA – A nation in search of heroes.

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