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Lately, the value of LinkedIn in business-to-business connections has begun to shine beyond imagination. LinkedIn is fast becoming another powerhouse of business marketing. Small and large business owners have now realized that LinkedIn can help them build solid connections, disseminate business information and market their businesses better.

In order to properly and maximally harness the power of LinkedIn for your business, you need to first build a solid professional profile and then actively connect with other professionals including potential partners, customers and consultants.

Tips for Using LinkedIn for Business

Picture of Businesspersons

Here are 7 tips that will get you started on the right path.

1. Use a Confident Headshot in Your Profile

Avoid getting very stylish or classy in your profile picture, and ensure you use a headshot (photograph showing your face alone). If you are uploading a larger picture, you can crop it with available tool on LinkedIn uploader.

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Avoid Bad Spellings & Punctuation Issues
Avoid Bad Spellings & Punctuation Issues

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Learn more about Grammarly, especially how to use it to improve your emails.

2. Ensure Your Professional Headline is Simple and Clear

This is the job title that appears just below your photograph. Make sure the most important job is what appears there, and ensure it clearly states where you work and your designation. It is the first thing every visitor sees about you. Secondly, it is included in almost all your communication on LinkedIn. So, take it seriously.

3. Showcase the Most Important Work Experiences

Bear in mind that you would not like to be changing your LinkedIn profile often. So, include your work experience in such a way that it explains why you are good at what you are doing, and it highlights your business mission and vision. Remember to include your leadership or team experiences that weren’t job related.

4. Make Solid Connections

As important as this is, making solid connections is often neglected. Once your profile can tell the story you want, start making solid connections. You can make out time or set out a time monthly to find more people and add them to your connections. With the available features on LinkedIn, this is easy to do. Something you can harness to grow your LinkedIn connection on the go is LinkedIn mobile app.

5. Get Good Recommendations

Many people still do not understand the power of having recommendations.

Having recommendations gives you instant credibility, especially when it comes from other professionals related to your field.

Fortunately, people are always very willing to recommend others once they ask for recommendation. You may need to edit the default text; it is simple and straight forward. Alternatively, personally write recommendations for other people who actively use their LinkedIn account. There is a huge possibility that they will return the favor.

6. Use Your Summary Creatively

Use the profile summary to properly introduce what you do and what your business is doing. Many people just repeat the same thing they already have on their profile in the summary. That is an unnecessary repetition of work experience.

7. Join Relevant Professional Groups


This serves two important purposes. First, because the groups you join appear on your profile page, you seem more professional when you join groups in your industry. Secondly, you are likely to make very valuable connections by participating in group discussions and sharing your unique insight.


Finally, bear in mind that there are many more important features that can help you turn LinkedIn into a business marketing powerhouse. All you have to do is use them.

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