How to Politely Turn Down a Job Offer via Email


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When turning down a job offer, you need to be tactical in your approach. Luckily, email gives you an opportunity to carefully think through your message before sending it.

Tips for Turning Down a Job offer by Email

This is required in a situation where you were able to secure employment offers from two or more organizations, and you have to turn down some of the offers. Of course, you cannot work in those places at the same time; you will need to decide which one you would settle for. Your reasons for picking anyone should be well thought through, and it should not just be all about the money.

After settling for one, it is pertinent to also send a reply to the other to show your rejection of the job offer. It is very important to do this.

You must consider the fact that you may later reapply to the same company in future or have some other kind of business dealings with them in days to come. Therefore you would not want to be seen as unreasonable, impolite or rude. The image you present will emerge if or when you encounter the same organization sometime in the future.

Here are important points to note when writing this type of mail.

Show Gratitude

Express gratitude for being selected for the position offered. They should know that their offer meant a lot to you, and was deeply appreciated. This company whose job offer is being turned down should also know you have nothing against them. Mention the aspects of the company that you genuinely like, recount aspects of your interview experience that you found interesting. Be honest in all of these.

Be Reasonable

Do not take this aspect for granted. Provide cogent, well-elaborated reason(s) for turning down the job offer. It is best not to mention monetary reasons, even if it is a major consideration on your part. Your reasons should not appear to demean the company. For instance, do not mention the company’s weaknesses or limitations. Also, do not compare them with the other company where you have just got an offer. As much as possible, your reasons should be based on the fact that the offer does not suit your present career, personal or family goals. When you mention the other company’s offer, decently state and show why it aligns with your present career, personal or family goals. Show that you genuinely wanted the offer (because you did), but got another which will be more suitable for you and your family.

Consider the Future

Present a possible platform that will make you have interaction with the company. Since you are likely in a similar line of business, mention a common program or seminar that you may meet with the Human Resource Manager or other person from the company. This shows that you are interested in the company though you have picked an offer elsewhere. Of course, your primary loyalty is to your place of employment. You are simply extending a form of courtesy that will ensure you will not have difficulties if you decide to have business dealings with the organization or even enter their employment sometime in the future.

Express Your Best Wishes

Stress your goodwill for the company. Make it loud and clear. Though you are not coming over to work with them, you have nothing but the best in mind for them. Mention the deep regard you have for them and your hope that the company you are moving to will someday work with them.

Show Appreciation Again

You cannot be tired of this. Showing gratitude is an excellent attitude. It portrays you in a reputable light. They will have no qualms inviting you for another job interview if you ever bother to reapply.


No matter the company, make it a habit to officially reject that job offer you intend to turn down, do not be silent. Follow the preceding guide, and you should be fine.

Sample Email 1: Turning Down a job offer by Email

Dear Olga,

Thank you for your mail confirming my employment in your prestigious company as the new Regional Sales Representative. I was more than thrilled that I made it through the interviews. During the orientation period, shortly before the final interview, the Human Resources Manager did an excellent job in the manner in which he addressed us. More importantly, the company’s vision, mission, goals and core values were clearly explained and every question I asked was answered satisfactorily.

My job description as Regional Sales Representative involves frequent travels, as noted in your letter of employment. It also requires me to spend at least one week every month at the various branches of the company. This arrangement will put a great strain on my family and career endeavors at this moment. I have a three-month old baby, and I am unable to employ a nanny at this period, therefore it will be rather challenging to travel across the country frequently. As I mentioned during the interview, I am running a management program with the University of Arlington which is near my home, the travels could greatly disrupt my studies and hence career endeavors.

About a week ago, I got an offer as Sales Manager at another company. The position requires no travel outside the state. The working hours also fit my school schedule. In addition, the office is close to my residence.

I had a memorable experience during the time I had with your organization. It helped me see why you are good at what you do. I hope to meet with you or any other member of staff during the Christmas Sales Night which will hold at the Watergate Park in a few weeks time. It will be a privilege to partner with your company during this event if it is okay with the management.

I wish the company all the best as you continue to make giant strides in the manufacturing industry.

Accept my sincere gratitude for giving me this offer, and my sincere apologies for having to turn it down at this moment.

Have a lovely day.

Best regards.

Veronica Mittens

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