Father I give thanks

For the unseen eyes watching over my birds;

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For the gentle voice constantly nudging me

To do the right things consistently;

For the guardian angels

Who have made my birds their business.


Father I thank you

For the day a lamp holder caught fire,

And I appeared just in time;

For the day a burning stove fell on the litter,

And you called my attendant from all the way

Just at the nick of time.


Father I give thanks

For the days of egg glut.

Eggs – potential money- mounted daily,

And then you brought a complete stranger

To clear all the eggs and pay in full

-Despite my lack of selling skills.


Father I thank you

For the day salmonellosis looked like coccidiosis.

I treated and went to sleep;

But Your compassionate heart kept nudging me-

Those birds deserve better;

Look at the symptoms again.


Father I give thanks

For the times my attendants couldn’t reach me;

And there was trouble – the birds were in grave danger.

The unfailing Counselor told them

Exactly what to do;

And it was better than what I could have done.


Father I thank you

For the days my attendants (and of course the birds)

Looked upon me as the professional expert;

But truly, I was just as confused as they were.

That gentle voice told me – Be quiet, just listen to me!

He made a genius before them.


Father I give thanks

For the nights I had serious malaria,

And the birds had severe coccidiosis.

So, who should be treated first?

You gave me strength beyond my ability.

I treated the birds and treated myself.


Father I thank you

For those delicate brooding times;

Days I suddenly discover in the dead of the night

That there was no more kerosene for heat;

And the generator added pepper to injury – It suddenly stopped working.

I had myself to blame, but You showed me a way.


Father I give thanks

For the first day I experienced drinking pipe blockage;

For teaching me veterinary plumbing;

For making me a veterinary carpenter;

For guiding me through veterinary electrical works.

Not willingly (but out of necessity), I learned at Your feet.


Father I thank you

For days I hadn’t any clue;

For nights my big bright ideas turned out very wrong;

For times I had no human to call upon;

For moments my heart pounded so fast.

I couldn’t even pray; I could only whisper – God, I need help!


Today, I remember my sins.

Many times I have forgotten to return

To say “Thank you”.

But for yesterday, now and always:



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