How to Get a Remote Job Without Experience

remote jobs without experience

Remote working has been on the rise since the pandemic. While the pandemic didn’t start remote working, it became the catalyst that brought about its increased adoption. In this article, we’re going to discuss a section of remote working that dissects how to get remote jobs without experience.

One of the major benefits associated with remote working is that it’s now more possible to get jobs trans country and even transcontinental. Employers are now able to hire candidates from all over the world.

Getting a remote job without experience is not an easy task, it’s often associated with a lot of questions on the employer’s end, such as qualification issues and well, having the right experience.

You may see a job application and be excited to apply only to find out they require a minimum of 2 years’ experience. This can be a bummer but don’t let it weigh you down.

Without further ado:

Everything You Need to Know to Land Remote Jobs Without Experience

As said before, getting a remote job may be a difficult task, but it’s not an impossible one. This is a complete guide on how best to go around this and how to position yourself for remote jobs with no experience.

1.      Identify Your Skills

Before applying for a job or deciding on a career path, the first thing to note is the skills you have or your interests. In this case, you’re trying to land a remote job without experience, not skills. If you do lack the skills or are not very proficient, it’s best to stockpile them. How do you do this without a job?

The internet has unlimited resources to learn any skill you want. There’s an endless sea of courses that teach what you’re trying to learn. These courses help you skill up and better prepare you to get a job without experience.

As a side note, it’s best to go for courses that provide certifications afterward. This is because these certifications often serve to prove that you do know your onions. It also adds an extra boost to your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Your current skills determine the type of jobs you’re going to be applying for. This is the very first step to landing remote jobs without experience.

2.   Establish the Experience You Do Have

As applicants, it’s common to invalidate some of the experience you do have. While this experience may not come from an “actual office” or work setting, it’s still experience. As it may be enough to get you that remote job without experience.

An example of this kind of experience would be, internships, volunteers, freelancing, etc. It’s easy to rule out these kinds of experiences as they may not be anywhere close to what the job description may require.

Employers know that it’s very unlikely that there’s a candidate that checks all the requirements. The idea is to get a candidate that ticks off more boxes than the others and not necessarily all the boxes. So, do not be discouraged if you find you fall short.

One way to get work experience is by volunteering. While you will not be paid for this job, it’s a great way to get hands-on experience in any field you’re interested in having a career in. And when searching for a remote job without experience, volunteering to gain that experience may be what you need.

3. Polish Your Resume and Update Your LinkedIn

After identifying your skills and establishing your experience, the next thing to do when applying for a remote job with no experience is to make sure your online presence and your resume are also up to date.

Make sure your skill and experience are consistent all around. While your experience may not be there yet, you can write it in a way that makes up for this. An example of how to do that would be instead of saying, “Answered calls,” you could say something along the lines of, “Made sure all customer inquiries and queries were handled properly and efficiently.”

Also, make sure your resume is filled with the right keywords when applying for a remote job without experience. The reason behind this is that most employers sieve through resumes with application tracking software. This software sieves through hundreds of resumes in an attempt to find the best candidates.

Also, ensure that your LinkedIn profile is rife with these keywords to enable you to come up on search results whenever your skills are searched.

4. Seek Entry-Level Jobs and Jobs that Require Little to No Experience 

When trying to land remote jobs without experience, you’re going to have better luck with the low-entry jobs and jobs that require no experience at all. For the latter, you may be required to undergo training to better equip yourself for the role.

Here’s a list of the best remote jobs without experience.

How to Get a Remote Job Without Experience
How to Get a Remote Job Without Experience 4

Highest Paying Remote Jobs and How to Find Them.

Best Remote Jobs Without Experience

  1. Writing and Editing Jobs

This is a great example of a remote job you can get with no experience. A portfolio of published articles would be an added advantage. Still, several companies hire remote writers and editors without prior remote experience.

To get this type of remote job without experience, you may be required to work on a few samples to ensure you have proper mastering of the English language. Remote writing jobs also transcend various niches. There’s no shortage of writers needed across industries.

  1. Graphics Design

Like writing and editing, this is another great example of a remote job that can be gotten without experience. Companies and brands rely on graphics designers to do all their designs. This can be anything from logos to, featured images, social media posts, featured images, etc.

While you may not be required to have any prior experience to land a remote job in this field, you are going to need a portfolio of previous jobs to ensure you have the required skill set for the position.

  1. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry can be identified as a career that was specifically designed for remote work. This is also an example of a remote job that can be gotten without experience. Data entry revolves around the efficient processing of large amounts of data.

To get a remote data entry job, you’re going to need to have an eye for detail and be required to become acquainted with various computer programs and software. If you have specific knowledge in any field that needs data entry specialists, you may have better luck applying to companies in that field.

  1. Customer Service Specialist

It’s difficult to mention remote jobs without mentioning customer service. Customer service is one of the most abundant remote jobs available and that’s not all, if you’re looking for remote jobs with no experience, customer service is your best bet.

This is possible because most companies hiring customer service representatives often retrain whoever they employ. They get training that familiarizes them with the company, the customer service tools they use, and how to respond to customer inquiries. These companies also pay you to undergo this training.

  1.  Social Media Expert

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after remote job opportunities. It’s also one of the easiest remote jobs to get without any experience.

All that’s expected from a social media expert in most cases is to create content and respond to comments and replies. Everything you need to learn concerning social media management can be learned from watching courses. This is one of the jobs where certifications are actually enough to give you the job even without experience.

  1. Language Tutor and Expert

A lot of people today are looking to learn a second language. So, if you can teach a foreign language, this is a remote opportunity that can be gotten without experience. Provided you know the language, you’re set.

The catch with this job is that there aren’t a lot of companies that are actively hiring language experts. You may have better luck freelancing.


When trying to land a remote job without experience, it’s important to remember to start small. There’s no expert in the world that didn’t start somewhere. The goal is to keep acquiring skills and in no time you’ll be taking on senior-level positions.

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