Requesting A Letter Of Appointment Via Email? Read this first

Requesting for a letter of appointment via email is a quick and convenient way to secure a new contract or engagement as the appointment letter is the most effective way to validate your new job, contract, or gig.  Appointment letters are not just “nice-to-have” or mere documentation.  Letters of Appointment act as legal documents that prove contractual obligations and protect both parties in an agreement.

While the appointment letter given to contractors and external consultants is similar to the job offer letter and job appointment letter given to new employees, the process of getting an appointment letter is often different.  Contractors and Consultants that have been engaged to offer services to an organization must ensure they receive a formal appointment letter stating their engagement terms and conditions.

When Requesting Letter of Appointment via Email

Here are some best practice and important considerations to keep in mind when requesting a letter of appointment from a business organization.

1. Write Error Free Emails

Sending out an error-ridden email may cause the client/organization to question its decision to engage you, therefore sound email writing skills are an absolute “Do” when requesting your letter of appointment in an email. Emails to request appointment letters should be clear and simple to understand.  Proper email writing skills and etiquette will ensure that the email you sent out is appropriate.

A lot of times, as the new employee, consultant or contractor, it is your responsibility to ensure your interests are covered by securing the letter of appointment prior to commencing the job/project.   The tone and language of your email will ensure your request for a letter of appointment is well received and acted upon.

2. Get Your Request to the Appropriate Party

The rule of thumb for getting what you need in a timely manner is “speaking to the right person”.  If you are unclear about the process within the organization you are dealing with, call your contact person to confirm who to email your request for an appointment letter.

If for any reason you can’t get the email to the appropriate person handling your appointment process, email your contact and follow up by telephone to ensure your email gets to the appropriate party.  Include a request for confirmation of receipt or an automated red-receipt notification in your email to track the progress of your email.

3. Create a Sense of Urgency

When writing emails to request a letter of appointment, make your request time-bound and clearly communicate the need for the appointment letter.  Most times the person you’ve been speaking with isn’t the person preparing your appointment letter.  Busy HR personnel and administrators may not prioritize your request for an appointment letter if it’s communicated as a mere formality.  Be sure to state that your engagement or resumption is dependent upon your receipt of the appointment letter to create the proper sense of urgency.

4. Be Proactive

An appointment letter that doesn’t capture the terms or conditions of your agreement properly isn’t fit for purpose.  When requesting a letter of appointment via email, take the initiative to state the information you would like clearly captured in the appointment letter.  You can even go the extra mile to provide a sample or draft to quicken the process and ensure the appointment letter you receive meets your needs.

5. Communicate Effectively

While requesting an appointment letter by email, leverage other more effective means of communication, such as face to face discussions and telephone calls to ensure you are on the same page with the organization/client.   Communicating with key personnel will ensure you approach your bid for an appointment letter properly as every organization has its own set of systems and processes.

Sample Email: Requesting a Letter of Appointment via Email

RE: Request for Appointment Letter – CC Consulting

Good day Sir

Further to successful negotiations and the selection of CC Consulting to provide technical assistance on the development of the embedded power plant project, we kindly request a formal letter of appointment from your organization for CC Consulting.

Please find attached a sample appointment letter for your review.   We humbly request that the appointment letter capture the agreed payment terms, contract timelines, and deliverables.

Your prompt response and provision of an appointment letter will ensure prompt mobilization of CC Consulting and commencement of work at the power station.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.


Mary Helen

Administrative Assistant

CC Consulting


Documentation of agreements terms and conditions are crucial for the avoidance of doubt and protecting the interests of business entities.  Ensure you receive a letter of appointment before commencing work on a new job to protect yourself.  Use telephone calls and face to face discussions to get an understanding of the processes of the organization engaging you.  Request your an appointment letter by email using good email writing skills and the tips suggested above for smooth business operations.

Chinazom Elizabeth Izuora
Chinazom Elizabeth Izuora
Chinazom has a Bachelors in Business Administration with a major in marketing management and over 4 years of practical experience working as a business consultant providing business development and operational support to organizations.

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