Showers of Blessing

Do you know what rain does to flowers? In this poem, Dr. Oyetunde calls upon the almighty to make him blossom like the flowers after the rain.

And heaven opened its flood gates
Allowing goodly goodly drops to cascade
Through the weariness caused by the sun
Washing away the day's grim with fresh cool blasts.

Renew me afresh
Add new spurts to my endeavours
Water me like you do the grasses
Make me blossom like the animals
who feed on plants nourished with your elixir

As you renew nature with your coolness
so different
Bring blessing to the earth -my earth
Make me green like the pasture in the meadow, who blossom with health and energy at the touch of your magic fingers.

Sameway, make me infect my environment with positive nourishing energy
Propelling others to good deeds
Even as the earth rise to activity with your appearance
Make me and mine rouse others
Quiescent to activity and beauty.

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