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Giant shouldersDiscover personal and business secrets from the lives of successful entrepreneurs, and Study their lives to avoid their mistakes and build on their success.

It will amaze you to know how much you can learn from the stories of ‘heroes’.

Experience is the best teacher

Learning from the experiences of other people is the way to stand on the ‘shoulders of giants’ so that you can look farther.

This kind of learning pays you in several ways:

  • First, you avoid the excruciating pain of learning from your own bitter experiences which would have created permanent damages and wasted so much of your time before success.
  • You get free access to very powerful insights from a totally unrelated experience. Remember, the secrets of great men are poured out in the things they have done and the words they have spoken.
  • In addition, when you read about how others struggled to rise to the top, it gives you motivation to succeed, and it strengthens your resolve.

It constantly reminds you that ‘the heights achieved by great men were not achieved by sudden flight, but they kept toiling through the night when others were sleeping’.

So, whether you are business starter, business owner or intending business owner, subscribe to these stories to get inspiration throughout your online career.

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What You Should Learn from Them

Here’s a brief of how you can benefit from their stories:

  • Take special note of their decisions; why they made those decisions and the eventual outcome of the decisions.
  • Read their words in-between the line – they are invaluable resources for you. The words of great people give you access into their secret thoughts and plans. Whether those words are recent or old, they uncover their thought pattern.
  • Very importantly, find out who they follow on Twitter – they are the people they are learning from, and you should learn from the same people also.

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