7 Clever Methods To Follow While Starting Your Business On Instagram

Instagram acquires above a billion active users monthly than other social media channels like Twitter or Facebook.

It helps every business with a golden opportunity to promote their services or products to targeted audiences without spending money on paid ads.

Instagram APIs permit every user to upload video contents and photos to a business profile on Instagram using third-party platforms; this makes it easy for brands to utilize the platform.

Whether you are a fresh bud to this platform or need an update for your strategy, you can get these seven clever steps to use Instagram business.

Showcase in An Innovative Way

Don’t focus on the products that you sell; focus on the conclusion that you provide. It is crucial to provide value for every customer. And don’t forget about the primary asset on the platform – visual contents.

Focus on showing the process correctly if you are a service-oriented business. Showcase your company trends, spread your mission worldwide, or share some how-tos and great tips. 

There are various formats you can use to work this on the platform. It is possible to share short-term video content (GIFs), photos, and videos in less than one minute.

     Try with Instagram Stories

It is a slideshow theme and disappears after 24 hours. You can add your stories in the highlights feature in the profile section to catch up later after disappearing. It was created in Snapchat’s stories at first and later developed by the Instagram platform.

Most businesses promote their new products on Instagram stories as it is a popular feature on the platform right now. The number of people who watch Instagram stories keeps growing every day, and over 75% of them are business owners. Creating and sharing visually appealing content related to your brand and products helps elevate Instagram story views to improve brand visibility for the long term. It emphasizes that businesses posting to Instagram stories is no more an option but a necessity.

     Try With IGTV

It allows people to post long-term video content to the network. The IGTV video contents are longer, providing more opportunities to make fresh, engaging, and fun videos for your brand or business.

Have an Eye-catching Profile

You may do more things as a brand and provide excess solutions. Make a catchy description explaining all your works within 150 characters. Keep more focus on your big things – it can be a product launch, event, or promotion.

Update your clickable link in the bio frequently since it’s the only spot to add a link on the platform. Many brands waste the link section’s purposes entirely through posting only their brand website. You can post purchases, driving registrations, or even app downloads.

The platform also introduced paid advertising and business profiles on Instagram. You can add a contact number to your profile bio in the Instagram business profile and provide access to analytics options that are not available in a regular Instagram profile. 

Show Them BTS(Behind-The-Scenes)

Most customers wish to know where their excellent products arrive from, and you could utilize the platform to showcase your lifecycle. It is more related to companies or industries that sell FairTrade or environment-friendly products. Otherwise, you could use the source pictures to show how your excellent products are getting finished – from the starting material, manufacturing process, packaging, and distribution. 

You could share – notes, filled blackboards, and sketches if nothing strikes your mind. Every business or brand acquires brainstorming ideas, and it is entirely up to you to click a stunning picture and post it to the platform. You could try out various types of posts until finding the kind that massively engages the viewers.

Work with Hashtags

Use the right hashtags to enlarge your content reach. It could be general or campaign-specific, but it needs to be relevant. Make your main hashtag your company brand name(#Companyname), and paste it on the platform wherever possible. It makes the people easier to identify your account and your content.

Using three to six hashtags is a great practice, but you can add up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram. Use campaign-specific, trending, unique hashtags to bring more discoverability to your Instagram content. You can try out holiday hashtags on Instagram as it is more popular. You can also add hashtags like #throwbackthursday or #instalove (used in over a billion posts), and at last, don’t forget the brand-specific hashtags. The hashtags #tech or #IT makes your post a fine reach if you are in the IT field. 

@Mention Others and Collaborate

Instagram is the perfect social media network to highlight collaborators and share the success stories of the customer. You could do fundraising twice a year even if you’re not a non-profit. It is a good sign that aligns with the mission and values of your brand. Tagging accounts is an excellent option if you need to draw attention. 

Shout-outs are another technique you could use. You can join hands with another brand at no cost that has similar fans as you to advertise each other to your respective Instagram audiences. It helps both sides with increased exposure. 

The paid shout-outs involve influencer campaigns. You need to pay for influence or a brand according to the follower’s count they acquire to promote your services or products. It is the perfect way to gain huge fans within a short period.

Offer Exclusivity and Grow Anticipation

Keeping your buyers more interested is a vital thing in any marketing campaign. Honour your dedicated fans with potential content. Let them be the first to know about your new events, services, or products. Make a teaser about it and increase your audience’s curiosity.

Track Your Success 

You could use social media management tools to schedule your campaigns on Instagram and also utilize social media analytics to track their success. Don’t forget to regularly check your fans’ counts, clicks, and engagements, analyze them perfectly, and develop your marketing strategy.

Finishing Up

We believe that these clever methods develop your business performance and gain more customers to your business or brand on Instagram. Work out all these creative tips and get success with your business objectives.

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