3rd Party Resources

      Check out more resources to help you communicate effectively. We hope that these recommended resources will save you plenty of time and money and enable you to achieve your goals faster.


      email grammar editor

      Use Grammarly to get rid of bad grammar, wrong punctuations, & spelling mistakes in your emails.

      If you have ever sent an email right before realizing there was a spelling mistake or punctuation error in it, you probably know that your grammar, spelling, and punctuation can make or mar your professional branding. They can determine whether or not you get a job or contract. They can affect how your colleagues perceive you at work.


      creating great reports

      Use PandaDoc to cut down the time to get signed legal documentation from customers; begin work on projects faster; and house all documents in one place for ease of access.

      We recommend PandaDoc for organizations that want to improve the look, functionality, and capabilities of their contracts. If you share proposals with prospects and clients, consider PandaDoc for a more sophisticated and dynamic approach.

      Save templates of the documents that you frequently use and get email updates when your documents are viewed or completed by clients.


      having effective meetings

      Listen and speak confidently without background noise even if you are in a coffee shop.

      Krisp is recommended for you if you work from home or public places or teach online; or if you have a business with remote teams or call center agents. Krisp eliminates background noise during calls. It works with over 800 apps, including Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, WebEx, Teams, and more.

      You can only be as good as the tools you use