5 Tools to Create Successful Social Media Videos for Ecommerce

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Many businesses and people depend on social media platforms to connect with their friends, families, customers, audience, upload and watch videos, make online purchases, and more. Video content dominates social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook because they are more engaging, attention-grabbing, emotional, and generally more appealing than text or image content. As a result, you need compelling videos to drive audience engagement.

Also, social media platforms are not just for posting content, they can also be a very powerful tool for e-commerce businesses. As a result, you can convert your loyal customers with the right social media videos.

Also, with the right strategy and some basic video making tools, you can create stunning social media videos that drive traffic, generate leads, create audience engagement and generates traffic.

In this blog post, we are going to look at some of the best tools to help you create beautiful videos for your e-commerce marketing campaigns.

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Importance of Video Marketing

Therefore for your e-commerce marketing to be effective, you need to incorporate video content in your campaign strategy. Video content like product reviews, live demos, webinars and how-to guides have proved to be more effective than lengthy blog articles without pictures. This type of content will convey more information about your business and products in the most informative way.

The importance of video content will continue to rise mostly because they are more enticing and engaging and as an e-commerce owner it is time for you to leverage the power of video content.

What Is Social Media Video Marketing?

Social media videos
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Video marketing is the process of utilizing videos in your marketing campaign. It is the process of creating and curating video content as a process of marketing or selling goods and services to a particular target audience. Videos keep viewers engaged with your content by using an informative and entertaining format they love watching from start to finish. Video content has proved to be effective because it is simple and easy to digest. It contains the element of words, images, and the beauty of sound in one remarkable marketing material.

Social media marketing on the other hand refers to the process of using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market your products and services to your target audience. Therefore, social media video marketing is the process of creating and sharing videos on social media platforms to increase brand awareness, generate traffic and increase revenue. 

Since there is a rapid increase in the active users of social media, it would make sense for your business to take advantage of the opportunity to promote your e-commerce business.  

Your videos need to be informative, educative and entertaining. People will click the play button as long as it resonates with your audience. For this reason, you need social media video marketing to leverage the popularity of social media apps and videos. Video content works well on the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

Why you Need to Incorporate A Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

1. Video Builds Trust Between You and Your Audience.

Trust is an essential aspect of every business. Customers will be eager to buy from you if they trust your brand. Videos can help maintain your credibility, establish your authority, and build solid relationships with your clients. To do this you can show what goes on within your company, share testimonials from clients, conduct product reviews as well as how-to guides. You can also conduct interviews and showcase your company’s culture.

The above strategies can help create and maintain trust between you and your customers because you appear more transparent and honest when people see the face behind your company.

2. Video Content Converts Viewers into Loyal Customers.

Video content informs, educates, persuades, and also entertains, which is how they help in converting leads into loyal customers. The right video content can help you capture your target market’s attention and make great and lasting impressions.

You can use videos to inform your customers about your products, make announcements, and also show behind-the-scenes footage. When people see a real face behind your business, they will feel more eager to engage with your brand.

3. Mobile Users Engage more with Video Content

The improvements in science and technology over the past years and coupled with the covid-19 pandemic has increased online activity tremendously.

In fact, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide and 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device.

The above statistics show that people can now access the internet in their comfort zone and at their own convenient time.

Accessing the internet through your phone is very easy because you can access it whenever and wherever you want. There are billions of people with access to a smartphone and also billions that have access to the internet. 

4. Video Content Works well with Social Media

People are more likely to engage more with video content than read an article on social media like Facebook. Also, social media users are more inclined to give their likes, comments, and shares for video content.

These platforms make it possible for people to like, comment and share videos more than a piece of article. If you want to create leads and convert customers into loyal clients, you need to start churning amazing videos for social media.

8 Social Media Video Marketing Strategies

As an e-commerce business owner, you will realize that your competitors already use social media, and they don’t just post content, they also rely on stunning video content to capture an elusive target market.

If you don’t want your target audience to go for your competitors, you need to begin implementing a social media video marketing strategy for your e-commerce business.

1. Set Goals for Video Marketing

Before starting your video marketing campaign, you need to set some goals you want to achieve in the process. What is the reason you want to do video marketing?

As a small e-commerce business, you can create a few goals so you don’t become overwhelmed. Examples of some video marketing goals would be creating brand awareness, generating traffic, generating new leads. 

For example, some brands use video for advertising. They can start on a product page on their website and then make use of it for a social ad. Others create videos only for social media Ads which is especially useful for direct-to-consumer brands. 

2. Know Your Audience.

The audience/consumer is one of the most important aspects of any online marketing business. Like any other marketing strategy, you need to get your audience right if you want your video content to achieve some of the above-mentioned goals. You need to know your audience to know what type of content to include in your videos. Study how and where they consume their content.  Therefore, you need to know their needs, hobbies, locations, income, interests, etc.

Remember, knowing your ideal customers helps you write touching scripts and select images that appeal to their emotions. When you touch their hearts, they feel more compelled to support your brand. More importantly, they will share, like, and comment on your video uploads, assuring an increase in brand awareness.

3. Decide on Your Platforms

Every major social media platform and beyond has its own form of video format. Facebook and YouTube offer several types of videos while newer ones like Snapchat and TikTok rely heavily on one format.

You need to find out which one works well with your type of video while keeping in mind where your audience is most active. Like I mentioned earlier video works well with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

4. Make Your Videos Short and Sharable

One of the main strategies of social media video marketing is to make short and sharable videos. The shorter your videos are, the more likely people are going to engage with them.

Some Basic Social Media Platform Video Strategies and Format

1. Facebook.
  • The most popular videos on Facebook are between 21 and 44 seconds long.
  • Create distinctive content that attracts attention during the first 2-3 seconds.
  • Post simple and easy to digest videos with correct and compelling content.
  • Make it creative and 15 seconds to 1minute maximum.
2. YouTube.
  • Keep videos between 2 to 3 minutes maximum
  • Always have a call to action at the end of your videos to guide viewers on what to do.
  • Because the majority of Youtube users are on mobile it is best to stick to 30 minutes or less. 
  • Make use of a custom thumbnail because this is what people see when they search for videos
3. Instagram
  • Always take note of IG’s 60-second time limit on the feed because it will cut off, while IG stories have a 15-second cutoff.
  • Put the most important information first so that your viewers would have heard what matters. 
  • Make use of the IG Loop, which continually plays your videos until the users scroll down, to create seamless clips that keep viewers engaged.
  • Keep videos up to 30 seconds
4. Twitter
  • Make an impact right from the start so that your audience gets most of your information
  • Make sure you use quality captions that keep viewers interested.
  • Limit videos around 45 seconds or shorter as this is mostly a text-based platform.
5. Tik Tok
  • Limit videos to 15 seconds.
  • Longer videos that are up to 60 seconds must be four 15-second clips which can be recorded natively on the app.
  • Use compelling captions

5. Make Your Videos Eye-Catching

One of the main strategies of video marketing is to make your videos short. Make sure the first few seconds of your videos count. Take your time and make sure your video is high quality, rich in content and appealing to the eye.

6. Include a Share Button or Call to Action

People will not take action if you don’t tell them what to do. That’s why it is important to include a call to action in your video content. If you are looking to sell a product or drive traffic to your website tell them how to do it. If your goal is for your viewers to interact with your brand in any way, ask them to.

7. Optimize Your Video Content

Optimizing your videos, especially those making use of the YouTube channels can make your videos rank high. Make sure you include the right keywords, title, captions and alt text in your videos. Don’t neglect the SEO aspects of your videos! 

8. Let Your Video Tell Stories

Make sure you plan out and order your content so that it tells a compelling story. Video content should evoke emotions to move your audience to take certain actions. This way, your audience will want to find out more and will be more likely to return to watch your videos again.

Tools for Creating Amazing Videos for E-commerce.

1. Adobe Spark

Social media videos
5 Tools to Create Successful Social Media Videos for Ecommerce 9

Adobe Spark is a software that allows both web and mobile users to easily create, customize, share videos and other visual content. This cross-platform video-making tool also comes with a professionally designed template for making stunning videos and graphics.

Key Features

  • Access to multiple themes, fonts, and images
  • Ready-made customizable templates
  • It removes watermark from your videos


  • It is user friendly and easy to operate
  • Easy collaboration
  • Supports 24/7 customer support
  • You have a wide range  of images, icons, and templates


  • Starter Plan: Free
  • Team Plan: Approximately $18 per month
  • Individual Plan: Approximately $9 per month


Social media videos
5 Tools to Create Successful Social Media Videos for Ecommerce 10

Filmora is another video editing software for beginners which comes with different styles, effects, and customization. Also, the software makes it easy for people who want to make and edit quick videos.


  • It has a split-screen with advanced text editing plus a scene detection and video stabilization feature.
  • Tilt-shift, Mosaic (blurriness), colour grading presets, audio equalizer, and 4K resolution editing support.
  • Layer multiple video clips, GIF support, Noise removal, Audio mixer, Screen Recording, and Audio separation.
  • It can create an awesome background with Chroma key, frame by frame preview, speed control, social import, and many more.


  • Monthly subscription ($7.99 per month).
  • Annual subscription ($39.99 per month).
  • Lifetime subscription ($59.99 per month).

3. VivaVideo

VivaVideo mod apk
5 Tools to Create Successful Social Media Videos for Ecommerce 11

VivaVideo is a professional video editing app that allows users to personalize, style, and publish content. Apart from that, it has different tools for merging, trimming, reverse, speed control, and splitting.

This allows you to transform your clips and photos into artistic movies. It also comes with several options for filters, music, texts, transitions, themes, and stickers. It has a storyboard style wherein a user can load, edit, and trim clips.


  • In-app camera with live effects previews, and various modes for capturing videos
  • More than 60 effects to choose from with additional downloadable effects
  • Enhance videos using themes
  • Merge videos and create montages with storyboarding features
  • Edit frames within a video
  • Social media integration

4. Animaker

5 Tools to Create Successful Social Media Videos for Ecommerce 12

Animaker is a type of video software that is good for creating animated videos, which also helps you create awesome pro-level animated videos with visual elements, background music, and custom characters.

The software comes with an in-app messenger, multi-user collaboration, Animaker whiteboard videos and infographics maker.


  • It has pre-designed templates
  • Option to create vertical videos
  • Access to icons, charts, maps, and more
  • Custom font support


It has a free plan, alongside a starter plan that goes for$19 per month and a business of  $39 per month.

5. Moovly

Moovly is a software that enables its users to create promo videos, explainer videos, training videos, and tutorials easily with their customizable templates. Also, it comes with a video making tool that has multiple types of templates for business, personal, and educational videos.

Moovly provides access to free footage, sounds and images with subtitle options along with a friendly mobile user app, video automation option, custom colours and fonts and colour removal.

It has a free plan, along with a pro plan that goes for $49 per month and a Max Plan for $99 per month.

5 Types of Ecommerce Videos

1. About us videos.

An about us tell your clients what your brand is all about. This type of video gives your audience an idea about your company’s culture, goals, behind the scene stories, etc.

If you want to reach out to your target audience, you need to tell your brand’s unique story by showing your customers what your brand has that your competitors don’t. You can do a Behind the scene, employee close-ups, product manufacturing clips and client testimonials.

2. Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are used to promote products, services and events. It can be used to reach out to your customers about an ongoing sale or special offer, discount, giveaways or a brand new product. Promotional videos help in showing how a product works and how it will help your audience solve their problems. They are often short and tend to grab the audience’s attention. Make sure you add the necessary call to action to the video. 

3. Explainer Videos

An explainer video provides explanations about your company, products or services. It introduces your company and the type of services you provide. They can also showcase a particular product, how to use it, and why people need to get it. It allows you to relay information to your customers quickly and conveniently by providing them with all the information they need about the buying process. As a result, your audience can understand what your brand is all about, 

You can place an explainer video on a landing page, homepage and product page. 

4. How-To Videos

This type of video provides your audience with instructions on how to do something related to your particular industry. It establishes you as an authority and an industry thought leader. It involves you as an industry expert teaching other people about a niche-related topic.

5. Testimonials 

People are more likely to buy from you when they hear positive feedback about your company from other customers. This type of video is one of the most effective kinds of videos to drive purchase. People often trust the word that comes out from people’s mouths. Just imagine what a video testimonial can do for your business.


Although the above list of tools is not the only application you can use to create videos for your e-commerce business, you can also do your own research to know the best tool that will work for your e-commerce business.

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