Top 10 Digital Marketing Analytic Tools For Beginners

    Digital marketing analytic tools are an essential part of your e-commerce business that cannot be ignored. As an e-commerce business owner, metrics and KPIs shouldn't be a new thing to you because they are an essential part of your business that should be measured and analysed to make informed decisions about your business. Digital marketing analytic tools focus on data generated through the activities that go on in your business to gain the insight they need to stay on top of competition and marketing trends. This helps you create a top-notch marketing campaign and make better decisions regarding your business.

    In this article, we have put together a top 10 list of the most popular digital marketing analytic tools to help you track various E-commerce metrics, understand your customers, create a better campaign and make great decisions about your business. 

    What are Digital Marketing Analytic tools?

    Digital marketing analytics involves gathering and analyzing data from multiple digital channels to inform product and marketing strategies. It is the process of collecting, analyzing and using the data to make informed decisions about business strategies. Most businesses use analytics to make more sales, minimize churn, create better campaign and marketing strategies and increase their number of customers. However, to manage a large number of data like this, that's where a digital marketing analytic tool comes in. A digital analytic tool is a software or app that helps you generate, manage, and measure data that are relevant to your marketing campaigns. They are used to analyze and report on marketing data collected through various digital channels like emails, social media, ads or any other digital space where a brand holds a presence.

    Why Do You Need Digital Marketing Analytical Tools?

    Most online marketers need a way to track and manage the results generated by their marketing campaign. These tools help them to improve their marketing efforts to take their business to the next level. The main goal of an analytic tool is to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities while also justifying the cost. Other benefits of using a digital marketing analytic tool include

    • A better understanding of your customers
    • Improves customer satisfaction.
    • Increases sales conversion rates.
    • Helps with reducing churn and bounce rate
    • Create more conversion
    • Help with generating leads and increasing brand awareness
    • Helps improve content marketing by creating better and more personalized campaigns for your target audience
    • Help you come up with a better marketing strategy that will move your business forward
    • Reduces risk by helping you avoid making costly mistakes.

    Overall marketing analytics software help collect data from all your marketing channels and report on them all at the same time. This way, you don't need the help of a data scientist to help you analyse your data. The software does the heavy lifting by analyzing the data and displaying it in simple terms

    Top 10 Digital Marketing Analytics for 2022

    1. Google Analytics

    Digital Marketing Analytic Tools
    Top 10 Digital Marketing Analytic Tools For Beginners 7

    Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital marketing analytic tools for beginners and entry-level marketers. It is a basic and free website analytics tool provided by Google. The tool can be used to track and monitor your overall website traffic which allows users to see where their visitors come from, channels that were used in reaching your website, what activities they are doing on your website, and the amount of time they spend when they leave. The software also has access to the Google ads platform by linking up with ads so that it is easier to calculate metrics like ROAS and other Google ads metrics. Furthermore,  Google Analytics also helps you with tracking user behavior, counting page views, and giving you access to customizable Google analytics templates.


    Free Plan

    Premium Plan: about $150K a year with full support from Google

    2. MixPanel

    Top 10 Digital Marketing Analytic Tools For Beginners 8

    MixPanel is another digital marketing analytic tool that is used to track the events on your website, mobile app, or product. This way, you can know what users are doing on your mobile app or website.

    To use Mixpanel, you have to add an event to the software which let you monitor various trends. Furthermore, the software lets you create marketing funnels, allows A/B testing, analyzes trends of chosen events, and tracks individual users by their sessions. You can do this using a visual selector or by adding code annotations. After the selection, the events that you want to track will be shown on your dashboard and the metrics of choice will be presented. The software comes with a free starter plan and two other plans that require you to pay a monthly subscription fee.


    • Free Plan
    • Growth Plan: starts at $17/ month
    • Enterprise Plan: custom pricing

    3. Heap Analytics

    heap analytics
    Top 10 Digital Marketing Analytic Tools For Beginners 9

    Heap is another analytic tool that is available on the web and mobile. The software's features are similar to that of  MixPanel. With Heap analytics, you can track all the activities taken by your website visitors. The software also helps you select the events that you need to analyze and preview on your dashboard. One advantage of Heap analytics is that it can track how customers and prospects interacted with a product so that businesses can identify the behavior of their customers. They can figure out what they like and what they don't and make necessary optimization.

    Another advantage is that the platform provides product metrics and analytics to help user personalize their buyer experience and retain customers. With this feature, businesses can track individual user behavior and segment users based on their behavior. 


    • Real-time insights
    • Data analysis
    • visual analytics
    • predictive analytics
    • Direct data access
    • Data capture
    • Event visualizer
    • User-level activity streams
    • Retroactive stats
    • Custom event tracking
    • Retention reporting
    • Trend tracking


    • It comes with a free plan
    • startup plan of $400
    • a growth plan of $900/month
    • enterprise plan that requires you to contact the admin

    4. KISSmetrics

    KISSmetrics is an important digital marketing analytic tool that measures user behavior. With KISSmetrics, you can measure clicks and page views. This gives you an idea if people are engaging with your content. If you have low clicks, you know you have to work on your content. Additionally, the software lets you create custom dashboards and reports.

    Information collected can be transformed into actionable insight to help you make an effective marketing strategy. Furthermore, KISSmetrics comes with a flexible pricing scheme that is more favorable than its competitors.


    • Funnel reports
    • Customer profile
    • Real-time data monitoring 
    • A/B test and retention report
    • Data export and email support
    • Data visualization and segmentation
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Integrates with  platforms like MailChimp, Marketo, Magento, Shopify and WordPress


    • Free trial
    • Growth $500/month
    • Power $850
    • Enterprise contact the admin

    5. HubSpot

    hubspot analytic tool
    Top 10 Digital Marketing Analytic Tools For Beginners 11

    Hubspot is another digital marketing analytic tool that helps track the performance of all your marketing campaigns in one place. It comes with built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards. They help businesses and companies align sales and develop effective marketing strategies. With Hubspot analytics, you can analyze your site’s performance with key website metrics.  One advantage of this software is that you get detailed reports for each of your marketing channels in one place.  


    • Sales Funnels
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Integration with multiple platforms
    • Real-time data monitoring
    • Email Automations
    • Landing Pages
    • Lead Nurture
    • Content Creation


    • Starter plan at $40/month
    • professional plan at $800/month
    • Enterprise at $3200/month

    6. Klipfolio

    Klipfolio is a digital marketing analytic tool that helps businesses with real data analytics by building dashboards and reports that track KPIs and monitor trends. The software provides users with marketing analytics, dashboards, reporting, data analysis, and business intelligence. It can be used by different people including business owners, salespeople, marketers, business professionals, and customer service teams to make positive decisions about their business. Additionally, Klipfolio enables teams to gather their data and view it in one place through tools like spreadsheets, databases, and web services.

    Furthermore, over 60 thousand individuals and 10 thousand companies rely on this software for their business and marketing activities. Klipfolio provides tools that help users interact with, visualize, and report data.


    • Analytics and reporting
    • Business intelligence.
    • Data merging and visualization
    • Social media insights
    • Unlimited metrics
    • Dashboard
    • Viewer Users
    • Prebuilt and customization


    • A free plan
    • Plus plan for $99/month
    • Pro plan at $229

    7. Cyfe

    Top 10 Digital Marketing Analytic Tools For Beginners 12

    Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard digital marketing analytic tool that allows users to integrate data from different marketing tools and makes it possible to see it all in one place. The software help users track data from various digital channels like social media, pay-per-click, marketing channels, email marketing platforms, and other digital platforms. Users can integrate their Google Adwords account, Google analytics, and salesforce account through their pre-built widgets. Users can create branded reports, and customize domain names, and dashboard backgrounds.


    • Branded report
    • Automatic email report
    • Custom data sources 
    • Custom domains and logos 
    • Custom visualizations 
    • Pre-built integrations 
    • Social media analytics 
    • Branded reports for users
    • Real-time reports
    • Custom data sources
    • Setup in seconds
    • Pre-built integrations
    • Track multiple websites
    • White labelling available
    • It comes with Pre-Built Templates
    • Embedded Analytics
    • Custom Widgets
    • Integrates with Google Ads, analytics, Twitter and Facebook ads, MailChimp etc.
    • Starter Dashboard
    • Track multiple websites


    • It comes with a free trial
    • Premium plan at $19/month

    8. SEMrush

    SEMrush is a content analytic tool used by digital marketers to analyze content performance and identify what needs to be improved. In addition, the software also helps you in glancing at what your competitors are doing. Semrush helps users with keyword research for their website and content, competitor analysis and Google ad optimization.

    The tool is good for e-commerce business owners that want to improve their search engine traffic and oversee their competitors’ actions. In addition, the software also provides users with a comprehensive dashboard that includes data from their Google search console, Google Analytics and SEMrush accounts.


    • Organic traffic insights
    • Visibility report
    • Domain overview
    • Reporting and analysis
    • Site audit
    • Position tracker
    • Keyword alert
    • Project dashboard
    • Link and Rank Tracker
    • On-page SEO checker
    • Backlink and bulk analysis


    • Pro $119.95
    • Guru: $229.95
    • Business: 449.95
    • Enterprise Solution- contact website.

    9. BuzzSumo

    BuzzSumo analytic tool is used for content and social media analysis by providing its users with data about the topics that are trending on the major social media platforms. It allows you to analyze data from a range of different periods. The software also gathers and compares social data from competitors to help keep tabs on competitions. Furthermore, users can track how much engagement, retweets, comments and likes each piece of content receives. The app can also monitor social media channels brand mentions and reports on the quality and quantity of conversation about a brand or product. 


    • Brand monitoring
    • Social analytics
    • Data management and analysis
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Competitor analysis
    • Hashtags analysis
    • Monitoring and listening


    • Free Plan
    • Pro Plan: $99/ month
    • Plus Plan: $179/ month
    • Large Plan: $299/ month

    10. Sprout Social

    Sprout Social is another digital marketing analytic tool used to analyze social media content. With Sproutsocial, users can get reports on the performance of social media posts and campaigns. Users also have access to inbound and outbound tagged messages to easily analyze the volume, performance pattern and campaign effectiveness


    • Social analytics
    • Reports and dashboard
    • Monitoring and listening
    • Data management
    • Competitor analysis


    • Standard Plan: $99/ user/ month
    • Professional Plan: $149/ user/ month
    • Advanced Plan: $249/ user/ month


    Picking the best marketing and analytic tools has to do with your business and what you want to achieve with the tool. Most businesses consider price, features and their business goals before choosing any marketing tool. That's why we have made this comprehensive list of the best digital marketing analytic tools out there. We hope this list helps you in finding the right digital marketing analytics tools to suit your business needs.

    Opeyemi Olagoke
    Opeyemi Olagoke
    Olagoke Opeyemi Dare is a writer, digital marketer, and researcher with over 2 years of experience as a researcher. He is currently an intern at Spark Connect where he focuses on the fundamentals of digital marketing, social media marketing, and copywriting. He has written different articles and papers for various blogs and academic research projects respectively.

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