Top 10 Payment Solution for Remote Workers in 2023

Top Online Payment Solutions For Remote Workers in 2022

Online payment solution for remote workers has made it much easier for remote workers and employees to make financial transactions without going into the banking halls. Starting as a remote worker, one of the most important problems you have to deal with is the issue of payment. When you have clients in your country or region, payment options might be a little bit easier, but what if your client or employer is located abroad? How do you collect your hard-earned money from employers abroad? With the above question in mind, here are 10 payment options you can use to receive your payment.

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Top Payment Solution for Remote Workers

1. Paypal.

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Paypal is one of the most popular online payment solutions worldwide. Research shows that Paypal is used by online workers, freelancers, auction sites, and other online transactions. It is available in over 202 countries and supports over 26 currencies worldwide. Apart from this, a lot of companies and businesses use Paypal as their preferred payment solution which is why it acquired a total of more than 305 million active registered user accounts.

The downside of Paypal is the fact that it charges a transaction fee for each transaction. So expect around a 2.9% transaction fee plus $0.30. This means that if a client sends you $1,000, you will be charged around $30 to $80 for the transaction. Payment methods include bank transfer, PayPal Debit Mastercard, Requesting a check

2. Payoneer

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Payoneer is also a popular and good online payment solution for remote workers to make financial transactions between them and their clients. With Payoneer, users can make and receive online payments, and track their account balance and entire transaction history. The software transacts your payment within 3-5 business days. Furthermore, it charges a transaction fee of $2.99 for a local bank transfer or $15 for a USD SWIFT transfer. The software also uses another fee option which is $4 or 1% of the amount you receive for USD and EUR transfers, however, the fee cannot exceed $10.

Payoneer is accepted in over 200+ countries and with a payment method that includes bank transfer, MasterCard, local eWallets, and international checks. Payoneer cardholders can withdraw up to $5000 per day (up to 20 separate ATM withdrawals per day)

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3. CashApp

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Top 10 Payment Solution for Remote Workers in 2023 15

Cash App is a mobile online payment platform used by businesses, companies, and individuals to transfer money by using their mobile phones. One advantage of Cash App is that users can transact on the platform without linking their bank accounts. This way, users can send and receive money to and from the app alone without fear of having to link their bank details to a third party.

With CashApp, you can register from 59 countries (including the US, UK, and Canada) and send money to 60+ countries in 40+ currencies. Furthermore, the software allows unverified accounts can send up to $250 and receive up to $1,000 per week and verified accounts can send up to $2,500, and there is no limit to how much you can receive.

Cash App charges a 3% fee if you use a credit card to send money, but making payments with a debit card or bank account is free. The app also charges a 1.5% fee if you request an Instant Transfer of funds from your Cash App account to your linked debit card.

4. Google Pay

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Google Pay is another payment solution for remote workers that allow users to send money and receive payments from their mobile or desktop device. All your client need to do is enter your email address or phone number to send you the money. Super easy right? I thought so too. To get started, you will have to create an account, you will get a PIN that you can use to manage all transactions. However, people have to wait for 10 business days or less before receiving payment. With Google pay, no fee for Debit Cards and Bank transfers, however, a 2.9% fee is charged for Credit cards.

It is available in 30+ countries and supports over 10+currencies. Payment methods include Debit cards, Credit cards, Bank transfers, and PayPal. It integrates well with other Google services

5. Authorize.Net

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Authorize.Net is an online payment solution provider belonging to Visa and is used by over 43,000 businesses in the United States alone. It is a payment processing and management platform that allows you to easily accept payments via checks and credit cards online. It comes with a strong infrastructure and security to ensure smooth, fast, and secure transfer of transactional data.

Authorize.Net charges $25 per month for gateway fees, plus a 2.9% + $0.30 fee per transaction. It is available in 13+ currencies commonly used in the supported countries. There is a $5,000 limit for the monthly volume and a $100 for the maximum size per transaction.

6. Venmo

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Venmo is a digital wallet that lets you transfer funds online or via the Venmo app. The app charges 1% of the transferred amount with a withdrawal limit of $0.25 – $10 and a 3% fee every time you fund your account. If you are using a bank, transfers are free but might take a longer period. However, you can use a specific Visa or Mastercard Debit card for a faster, 30-minute cash-out, which costs $0.25 per transfer. The only downside is that it is only available in the US.

7. Western Union

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Western Union is a money transfer company that offers online payment solutions and on-site payouts in over 500,000 worldwide locations.

With Western Union, users can send cash to Western Union locations for pick-up. There is no banking information or online account required. You can make a bank transfer or cash pick-up. However, transfers for cash pick-up cost significantly more. A cash Transfer from the United States to Egypt might cost $10 but a cash transfer can cost $40. Bank Transfer fees also depend on the receiving country. But if cash is what you need then you can always depend on Western Union. With Western Union, you can

  • Make transactions from convenience stores
  • Transactions without a bank account

There is no receiver fee

Universal transactions in more than 500,000 areas

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8. Skrill

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Skill is available in over 200 countries, it is a universal online banking system. One notable feature is that you can send money to linked email accounts as well as phone numbers. Therefore, your options are never limited. Furthermore, you can do account to account to account transfers for personal use and a prepaid credit card attached to an account. They also prefer payment solutions for businesses. Skill charges 1.90% of the total spent, capped at €20 which might come with a currency fee exchange.

9. Transfer wise

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Transferwise is an online payment system that offers competitive rates for processing fees and currency conversion rates. Its low fees in the market make it one of the biggest international money transfer providers. They now have over 10 million users worldwide, and billions of transfers occur through Wise every month. With Wise, you can send money to 80 countries, with a low and transparent fee. With Direct Debits in the UK, Europe, US and Canada, paying your bills and subscriptions across currencies is easier than ever. You can also receive payments from anywhere, and convert them to 53 currencies. You will get the real exchange rate at a low fee transaction. Fees depend on sending and receiving country and approximately 1 to 2% of the amount transferred


Transfer money at lower prices with no hidden fees

Borderless account or multi-currency account features helps you to convert and hold different types of currencies.

Customers can receive payments along with account details.

Great customer support service with offices in different parts of the world

10. Veem

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Top 10 Payment Solution for Remote Workers in 2023 22

Veem is another money transfer service that is available in only 60 countries. With Veem users can utilize blockchain services for B2B transactions. This cuts out the cost of a bank and aids in cutting down expenses. Although Veem is a fast and easy way to transfer money, it is more focused on providing business payments rather than personal ones. It charges $0 when transferring from USD to other countries and $15 for USD to USD transfers.


Working remotely is the new trend in the working industry and more people are moving away from traditional office space to work. Some people even prefer to work from home than come to the office. This means that you have to start incorporating the act of working remotely into your company’s culture. This includes their welfare and payment system. Since your remote workers might be working from different parts of the world, issues of payment might occur. Like currency barriers, exchange rates, transaction fees, and many more. This is why we have compiled this article to help you choose the best payment platform based on your needs. We hope it helps.

Some features include

10. Veem

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