Trends in the Design of Email Newsletters in 2020

    Email newsletter design has taken on a new shape. In 2020, there are more trends that you should follow.

    For many of us, the year 2020 hasn’t brought us what we had thought we would get going into the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that has not stopped email marketing for businesses. Invariably, we've noticed the new trend of visual design for the email newsletter in 2020.

    Of course, there have been designing trends from 2019, still going strong in 2020 as well. Bold typography, vibrant colors, and off-grid designs have continued to brighten up our email inbox. But there are others as well that have probably gone unnoticed or are relatively new.

    So, this article from writers at best custom essay highlights some of the email design trends that have dominated the year 2020 so far.

    3D imagery increasing image depth

    3D Image
    Trends in the Design of Email Newsletters in 2020 8

    More brands are beginning to embrace 3D, and this is causing more images to appear realistic and more intriguing. The 3D effect, in comparison to the traditional flat imagery, can also help bring out more products and give life to more characters. It will also allow some key elements that will otherwise be hidden in the composition and pop out while highlighting the key messages simultaneously.

    However, since 3D imagery requires a lot of effort in creating it, it is not yet so rampant in emails. It’s only beginning to appear in some emails. But it'll be a potent tool when it takes full effect in email designs.

    Isometric illustrations

    Isometric Illustrations
    Trends in the Design of Email Newsletters in 2020 9

    One feature that clearly defines isometric drawings and differentiates it from 3D illustrations is the equal 30-degree angles that it is built around, and this ensures that the image is not distorted. Another thing that makes it accessible is how it combines the feel of 3D imagery with a simplicity that's akin to flat design.

    It has a different approach to visual content that conveys much more complex than we can have in the 2D form. Also, exploded isometric images can go into details to show different parts and layers of a process of a product that otherwise might be hidden.

    2019 saw an explosion in the popularity of isometric drawings on the web, and they are becoming a thing in email designs in 2020.

    Futuristic imagery and design

    Futuristic Imagery Trends
    Trends in the Design of Email Newsletters in 2020 10

    Vivid gradient and colors, soft glows depicting light and movement, dark backgrounds, and other subject matters are essential parts of this trend. As there is little or no clue as to what future designs will look like, designers can run wild with their imaginations. It’s also an innovative and exciting way to create graphics that are unique and engaging.

    We already looked upon these futuristic styles as one of the biggest trends in graphics design in 2020. So we might see it more commonly in email designs as well.

    Retro style

    Retro Style Email Newsletter trend
    Trends in the Design of Email Newsletters in 2020 11

    Talking about email design trends in 2020, Never Bounce has looked to the future and also peeped into the past. And the inspiration has come from movements that were popular in the 20th century.

    It was these in 2019 that the Bauhaus movement only celebrated its 100th anniversary. There is no surprise seeing its geometrical forms, linear lines, and experimental compositions, also regaining their popularity from 2019 and into 2020. This, too, is influencing the outlook of email designs in 2020.

    Also, there is a comeback for Swiss Design in 2020 at the same time, using the typical typography of sans serif. And it's also becoming popular.

    This means that email letters now come having a modern design and feel or retro to it, and it is quite beautiful to see.

    Organic shapes

    Organic Shape Email Trend
    Trends in the Design of Email Newsletters in 2020 12

    There is no denying that the popularity of geometric shapes is not going to wane anytime soon. However, it is also apparent that there is now a shift to fluid and organic forms that don’t have any straight lines or symmetry. Designers mostly use these organic shapes to make a composition softer, as they are one way to break content up without harsh lines. They also work fine as background elements.

    Abstract imagery, layout, and typography

    Abstract Imagery Email Newsletter Trend
    Trends in the Design of Email Newsletters in 2020 13

    As abstract and off-grid designs have continued to be an email trend from the past year, brands have found a way to harness the power of composition straying away from the standard formatting to gain more attention while keeping their subscribers engaged to the content.

    This has evolved a lot more in 2020, and abstractions are now more extreme – meaning there are now distortions to imagery, layouts, and animation.

    Extreme abstraction will cause the audience to try to interpret and make sense of the elements shown to them. They generate intrigue and force the eye leading to more engagement with the email content.

    Next level animation

    newsletter trends
    Trends in the Design of Email Newsletters in 2020 14

    Without a doubt, animation was one of 2019’s top trends, and this seems to have paved its way going into 2020. This trend has, therefore, continued to evolve through 2020.

    Animated PNGs which give animation color and transparency are starting to gain more attention and traction. It has more support across email than the CSS animation, so using a GIF fallback will likely rise. APNGs are becoming more common in newsletters, which allows the brand to show or hide animations using a switcher.

    For years, micro-interaction has made strides in the design of user experience. The popularity in visual email content has started to rise in the past years, which has continued.

    A micro-interaction is as common as a prompt to tap or swipe. It can also be an example of how a processor feature works. This is common with digit companies that use this animation to highlight new features and product launches. It helps the customers understand the benefits and the process.

    Joyful animations are another set that has made plenty of waves in emails recently. So they will be more common within our email inboxes with brands embracing an uplifting form to tell their story. Emails will be more simplified to pass across crucial messages quickly. Designers will have to be more reliant on animation to add more fun and dimension to their campaigns.


    Esputnik blog post on email trends in 2020 has introduced some new models and the continued presence of others. What stands out for me is not just the willingness to look forward into the future of designing. But also how past designs from the 20th century are now making a comeback. This trend started in 2019 and has rightly continued into 2020. There are still several email designs that have not been discussed here or are not getting as much attention but are just as crucial in shaping the face of email newsletters in 2020.

    Thomas Lanigan
    Thomas Lanigan
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