A Voyager’s Prayers

I pray for the courage to begin

Where I am and with what I have;

To set sailing anyway

In spite this capricious weather

I couldn’t pray for a season without its fogs

Only I pray for the foresight to prepare

And not that this voyage may be turbulence-free

Rather to have my anchor handy

Whenever the deeps chose to take to the troublesome turns

I pray for the wisdom

To identify the silver lining in every cloud

To know exactly what I ought to pick up with me

Each and every time that I might fall

I pray for the understanding

Never to waste any moment of my life in self-pity,

But to know and accept quickly

That both the sweet and the bitter parts

Are still parts of my life

I pray to discover my own strength

No matter how little

So that I wouldn't at any time think

That I am a helpless man

To discover the essence of every struggle

To learn early enough

That the road I travel is lonesome

And whenever I reach the crossroads

I pray not necessarily for a smooth choice

Rather for the wisdom

To identify the rightful path

And the will to take it

Even if full of thorns

And when to the end of this voyage I come

May I discover fulfillment

And be happy that this way I have come.

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