Which Generation is Worse … ours or our parents’? Please Pray for Nigeria


It rained heavily today. Just a regular downpour some may say; but I was abashed at the sight of the running waters unwittingly wearing away our granular roads. Many years before now, every downpour was “Showers of Blessing” from our maker to refresh our lands and make our crops fruitful. Today, every downpour is destroying a road somewhere within our nation.

It's Painful. We Make Life Worse for Ourselves

As I observed the destruction wrecked on our roads by gully erosions today, I began to feel ashamed of our leadership in this country. Had it been they allocated resources appropriately instead of looting our God-endowed resources, the blessings of the almighty wouldn't have become a cause of ruin. The same rain that used to make our lands better now makes our lands spiflicated.

As I thought about this, I suddenly realized our leaders misappropriate funds not because of greediness, covetousness or love for money. They loot the nation because of fear. Corruption destroys our nation like cankerworms devour good trees; and our young men follow suit.

Fear Has Torment, and Our Leaders Are Victims

Like gluttons, they eat till they get suffocated. They are afraid of the future yet unborn. They are fearful for their families and friends. They are afraid of what will be after their term in power and also what tomorrow holds for their loved ones. As such, they stash away our precious wealth somewhere across the sea where they may never be able to recover the stolen wealth.

They speak like messiahs but act like moths.

Granted, some people loot the nation for lack of conscience, many more loot the nation because of fear. Otherwise, why would a sane Nigerian stash our money away in a Swiss account? Or why would a sensible Nigerian leader decide to build mansions in another nation to hide our treasury from public eyes?

Fear has torment, and a man's reaction to fear is based on his inner value system.

White Men Hated Us, But We Hate Ourselves More. Why?

Many years ago, before independence, white men were taking our natural wealth to their country in order to create better life for their people; but today our own people take our wealth across the border for fear of the future. They take our treasury where it would not benefit us, and it may never benefit them. They take shameful and unreasonable risks as fear torments their heart.

During my NYSC, a couple of years back, I asked a colleague of mine, “which generation is worse … ours or our parents’? As hard as I tried to convince him that our generation is slightly better than our parents’, he succeeded in revealing to me how much decadence is in the heart of today's youth. I argued with him so hard until he asked me some pertinent questions:

Aren’t you embarrassingly shocked that our generation of youths are so greedy and money conscious that freshers in higher institutions perform demonic rituals to become rich?

If you think that has happened before, are you not ashamed that this generation of young men use their mothers, wives and girlfriends to perform this wicked act called Ogun Owo?

Is it not appalling to see how the young people of today brag openly about committing cybercrime (even in our music) as if crime is not crime (whether it is committed against a white man or a black man)?

Really, I would not be able to exhaust the list of wicked acts of the youths of this generation, but I hope I have been able to spark some light in you.

Is There Darkness in Our Future?

The more I ponder on these things, I see greater darkness in our future, when these young men (of our generation) are finally handed the baton of leadership of this nation.

These are men who have been conquered by fear from their early age. These are men who are already lost in darkness and therefore lack respect for human life. These are men who have made themselves lower than animals by their thoughts, words and actions.

Yes! Animals don't eat to stupor, and animals respect their kinds; but these men eat to stupor and have gross disregard for their neighbours.

What Are the Things that Make Us Different or Similar?

See how blind we are … Igbo’s, Hausa’s and Yoruba’s think we are different from one another. Even the Akwa Ibom’s don’t like to be called Igbo’s; and the Southern Kaduna’s have refused to be called Hausa’s. We tend to think we are different from each other.

What are differences or similarities? Is it not the amount of similarities or differences we have that make us alike or different? Are we not more alike than we are different? Don’t we have more things in common?

What a life!

Perhaps, I could look away from the darkness that is clearly obvious and concentrate on the light of the few sane men I occasionally come across. Of course, a country becomes good because of the few good people in it and not necessarily because of the many evil people in it.

So, Nigeria will become good because of the good men in it.


Dr. Ayoade Oyedotun
Dr. Ayoade Oyedotunhttps://woculus.com/
Dr. Ayoade Oyedotun is the co-founder of Afrimash - An Online Shopping Site for Agricultural Items. His daily work encompasses customer service, sales and marketing, human capital management, and business operations management. He is passionate about working smarter using the Internet technology.

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