Why SEO Needs to be a Priority Now More than Ever

Why SEO is more important than ever

While COVID-19 has increased the amount of time we spend online drastically, it has also caused the website traffic to plummet in several industries of the economy. But does a change like this mean that SEO has become useless?

Certainly not!

Not only has SEO always been important in the digital marketing world, but it is going to become increasingly important with Google’s Page Experience update coming in May 2021. Moreover, it is also worth considering that the latest operating systems like iOS 14 and Android 11 are taking on a privacy-first stance.

While the user has always asked for more privacy, businesses are left baffled. This is because social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter have relied continuously upon data that they acquire from the customers to show them relevant ads. But because of iOS 14’s impact on Facebook, the absence of acquisition of data and behavioral tracking has left a deep dent in the hopes and dreams of small businesses.

But all hope is not lost! In trying times like these, we are reminded of the importance of SEO.    

1. Lower Competition

Apart from the Google Page Experience update and the iOS 14 update, the world as a whole has gone through some drastic changes. As the world is still starting to live with the impacts of COVID-19 and the lockdowns it has caused, several companies have also seen a significant reduction in operations. With a reduced customer base, marketing no longer seems sensible to businesses.

Their approach to this situation is: why invest in something if there is no immediate revenue?

But these businesses don’t think long-term. As the number of iOS 14 users will continue to increase because of the increased privacy measures the software can provide, business owners will look to advertise more aggressively. However, it is also essential to consider that advertising on iOS 14 isn’t necessarily simple.

To cope with the ad-related-resistance on the operating system, marketers will have to rely on SEO. Not only does SEO help you target a relevant customer base, but it is also a profitable long term marketing strategy.

2. SEO Can Be Measured

If you’re running a small business, one of the biggest challenges you’re going to face is justifying the money you spent on your business. When you do decide to spend on your business, you must have a way of measuring if your investment was fruitful.

Because of COVID-19, as companies go through significant budget cuts, it’s important to amend marketing goals accordingly. Rather than focusing on brand awareness and standing out from the competition, you must focus on customers who have an existing buying intent. That is because in times like these, getting a purchase from them is your best bet.

SEO is also important because you can also help prove the success of your investment. How you do this, you may ask? Look at the number of potential customers visiting your website daily or the number of sales you have made. The difference in numbers (increase or decrease) should give you a clear idea of what you should be spending on your marketing strategy.

During uncertain times like these, a reactive marketing strategy can work wonders for your business.

3. Product Scarcity Can Give You High Sales

It isn’t easy to forget the frenzy the world saw in the U.S over toilet paper. Could you have imagined that something so readily available could become such a valuable item? Generally, when an object starts to go short in the market, people have no option but to look for the item online. In this instance, we’re yet again reminded of the importance of SEO.

So after the pandemic is over and things return to normal, there’s a high probability history will repeat itself. As lockdowns are lifted and people return to supermarkets, manufacturers won’t be able to deal with the surge in demand.

People will yet again look for necessities online, and that’s when your business will be ready. Depending on the product or service your small business can provide to the customers, you’re going to witness a hike in sales too. To ensure you stay ahead of the curve, study current trends and consider predictions that tell you which product will go scarce in the future.    

4. Right Now, Digital Marketing Is the Only Way to Go

Everyone is stuck at home. No one is on the road. There’s no one looking at the billboards. People are avoiding touching newspapers, and it has been a while since you turned on your car radio.

In a world that is hell-bent on social distancing, how do you reach your potential customers?

You can do so by utilizing the digital mediums at your disposal. Even companies that previously ignored the digital world are now trying to understand how SEO works and why SEO can be more important now than ever before. Your customers are locked inside of their homes with internet connections. People are now spending a lot more time online, which means a lot more eyeballs for you to capture.

By understanding the importance of SEO, now is the time you can ensure that your brand is remembered by consumers even after things go normal. Furthermore, ensure that the information you present in front of your consumers is credible and can be trusted.

Final Verdict: SEO Is Important

In a world that is rapidly changing due to a raging pandemic, new operating systems, and changing policies, SEO continues to stay relevant. There is no reason for you to halt your current SEO practices because it is one of the few ways you can get your business noticed in times like these.

COVID-19 has changed economies. The best you can do right now is to cushion the sucker punch and take as little damage as possible.

Keep a proactive approach and stay ahead of the competition.

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