Wizened eyes watching over me know no snoozes

Sensitive ears dedicated to my petitions can hear even

All supplications still yet unspoken

His hand a big treasure basket

An unfailing supply of my needs daily

Ever before I learnt to ask a thing

Thou dished out to me prepaid goodness

And nothing vital to my wellbeing was wanting

Even now that I know to ask

Surely I know I can never ask for half as much

Of what already you’ve willed in my name

A mouth that never ceases to speak well

Portending only goodness always

My unseen but undeniable caregiver

As of a loving owner to his pet

You are all devoted to my wellness

I chose you not, when I knew you not

Reason you chose me too I know not either

Ever thankful I am though

Since when you picked me out

Of the billion lot like me

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