How to Write a Marriage Leave Application Letter and Samples

    A marriage leave application is an application written to your employer, manager, or HR, informing them of your absence because of someone’s marriage or yours. When you’re going to be away from the office for whatever reason, it is important to state the reason for the leave, what you’re going for, and how long. 

    In this article, we’re going to discuss what a leave marriage application is, how to write one, and include samples and templates to help you write your own leave application. 

    What is a Marriage Leave Application Letter/ Email?

    A marriage leave application is a document an employee writes to inform their boss, manager, or HR about their absence from work due to their marriage. A marriage leave application is usually sent by the couple getting married, otherwise, it would be a regular leave application letter. 

    Make no mistake, a marriage leave application is a tad different from a honeymoon leave letter. Sometimes, they go together. This is the case where the couple getting married goes on their honeymoon immediately. If the honeymoon is not immediately, then a marriage leave application serves just that purpose. The main difference between a marriage/honeymoon leave VS a regular marriage leave is in the duration. 

    A marriage leave application usually contains the reasons for the leave, the specific duration of the leave, and tips on how to proceed in your absence. Sending a marriage leave application letter is extremely important as this helps the company plan its affairs in your absence. 

    Before writing a marriage leave application letter, it is advised that you communicate this in person or via a call to your boss. The leave application should be more of a formality and not the first time your manager or superiors are hearing about it. 

    There’s no clear-cut path to help you decide how long you should take a leave. This decision should be taken based on your company policy and how long you need to get everything in order for your company. 

    How to Write a Marriage Leave Application Letter

    A marriage leave application letter is like any other leave letter, the main difference in this is the reason for the leave. 

    1. Include a Subject Line

    When you send in an application, one of the most important factors in deciding whether or not your application gets a response is the subject. This is why it’s important to follow standard practices when writing your subject line. And one of the golden rules when it comes to writing subject lines is including the information. Be straight to the point about your request and leave little to the imagination. 

    It’s also advisable to include specific dates in your subject line. This way, the recipient knows exactly what to expect and also how long you’ll be gone. 

    Here are some examples:

    “Jim – Marriage Leave Application- September 5 to 8, 2022.”
    “Marriage Leave – September 7, 2022, to September 10, 2022.”
    “Leave Application for Sister’s wedding- January 22 to 28.”
    1. Greet the Recipient

    Seeing as you’re submitting the application to people you’re familiar with, you can ditch the typical “to whom it may concern” and simply address the recipient by their name or whichever honorific you’re accustomed to in your workplace. In doing this, make sure your application remains professional, regardless of your relationship with the recipient.  

    1. State the Details of Your Request

    This part of your letter or email is the most important part. And as such, must contain the details about your request. If the leave is to attend your wedding, you can state it. If it’s for someone else’s you should also state it. You could also go the extra mile by briefly explaining your relationship with the other person in the email. 

    Here are some examples of this:

    “I am delighted to inform you that I am getting married on the 18th of April 2022 in Alabama. In this regard, I am requesting a one week leave starting on the 15th of April 2022.“
    “I’m writing to inform you that my cousin is getting married on the 17th of April and would like to request 4 days off starting from the 15th of April.”
    1. Give the Specific Dates

    When writing a leave application for marriage, do not vaguely state how long you’ll be gone. Be specific with the exact number of days you want off. This is important as it gives your employer the correct information they need to proceed in your absence. And if it happens that you need to extend the leave, ensure you let your employers know as early as possible. It would be very unprofessional to send in this information on the day you’re supposed to resume.

    1. Explain how things should work in your absence

    While you’re away, your job must go on. Especially if you’re role is client-facing. When writing your leave application, you should be the one to tell your boss how you want your responsibilities to be handled in your absence. 

    If your job is going to be handled by a colleague, ensure you talk to said colleague before including this in your application. Also make sure that they have all the tools they need, like all your login information, etc.  

    1. State Your Purpose Again and Include an Invitation

    When inching close to the end of your application, it is advisable to reiterate the information. If you’d like, you could also include a quick introduction as well. 

    An example of this is:

    “Kindly grant my leave request and join me as I celebrate my special day.”
    1. Close the Letter

    As said earlier, a marriage leave application is an official document as should be treated as such. This should also be evident in how you close the application. Include your closing salutation, your role and your signature. 


    Kind Regards, 
    Jim Blessed
    Head of Content, Woculus

    Marriage Leave Application Template

    (Name of recipient)
    (Title of recipient)
    (Company name)
    Subject: Marriage Leave Application (Start to end date)
    Dear (Name of recipient),
    I am delighted to inform you that I am getting married on (date of marriage) in (location). In this regard, I am requesting a (leave duration) leave starting on the (leave start date) to (leave end date).
    Looking forward to a favorable response from you. Also, please join me in celebrating my special day. 
    (Your name)
    (Your Job title)

    Marriage Leave Application Sample

    Reza Jeffery
    Head, Human Resources
    Woculus Enterprise
    17 May, 2022 
    Subject: Marriage Leave Application - 25th May 2022 - 30th May 2022
    Dear Reza,
    I am delighted to inform you that I am getting married on the 27th of May in Albany. In this regard, I am requesting a 5-day leave starting on the 25th of May 2022 to the 30th of May 2022.
    Looking forward to a favorable response from you. Also, please join me in celebrating my special day. 
    Kind Regards, 
    Jim Blessed
    Head of Content Woculus

    Marriage Leave Application Sample for Family Member

    Samuel Oyedamola
    Head of Inventory
    Woculus Enterprise
    18 May 2022
    Dear Samuel, 
    I am excited to inform you that my sister is getting married on the 20 of January, 2022. As his only sibling, I'd like to be there to help him make the necessary arrangements. In this regard, I would like to request leave for 1 week. Starting 18 January to 25 January 2022. 
    I hope you consider my request and grant me this leave. Looking forward to your favorable response.
    Kind Regards, 
    Jim Blessed
    Head of Content Woculus


    When writing a marriage leave application, you need to put a lot of things into consideration. When inviting your colleagues, this should be done in a separate email. We’ve included some samples to give you a head start when writing your marriage leave application.

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