How Can YouTube Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Youtube boost Ecommerce Sales

The phenomenon of rapid development of YouTube has already become one of the most innovative achievements in modern human history. Just look at these impressive numbers:

  • more than 2 billion users per month;
  • more than 6 billion hours of YouTube videos views per month;
  • more than 100 hours of video uploaded every minute;
  • millions of subscriptions daily;
  • audience in 61 countries.

Not surprisingly, marketers around the world associate the future of eCommerce with this popular resource. No one is asking whether the eCommerce business should create its YouTube channel. It is better to talk about how YouTube helps in eCommerce marketing. Let’s talk about it!

YouTube Marketing for Ecommerce Business: Discover New Opportunities

Your business can have one of the great eCommerce platforms. There are many options: from websites to social networks. But every business has the same question: how to bring your audience to this eCommerce platform? This is where YouTube videos work flawlessly!

Benefits of YouTube marketing for an eCommerce store:

  1. Access to a huge audience (you remember — more than 2 billion people a month).
  2. Opportunity to stand out from the competition (if your segment still does not use video, it is incredible luck).
  3. Promote other resources using the YouTube channel (insert YouTube videos on the site and catch traffic).
  4. Increasing trust in the brand (video is perceived by people more personalized than other types of content).

In short, if you want to improve your eCommerce business, create a YouTube channel immediately. 

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How Can YouTube Boost Your Ecommerce Sales 7

Types of YouTube Videos for Ecommerce Business

If you have just launched a YouTube channel and do not have practical skills in creating videos, this is not a problem. Yes, you have to learn new tools and skills. Check out the YouTube Marketing Guide to get started. You will improve your skills with each subsequent video. The main thing is to take the first step.

To make it easier for you to move on, let’s first look at the main types of video content for eCommerce platforms.

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Product close-up

Many customers still do not dare to buy in an eCommerce store for one reason. They can’t see your product up close from different angles.

Shoot a video that will show the product up close. Create the effect as if a potential buyer is already holding the product. Such videos are often used for eCommerce ads.

Product review

Product review videos are often used in eCommerce marketing. The speaker shows the product and talks about its characteristics. Follow the best practices in creating reviews of your products. This is an effective marketing move before launching a new product. 

Video testimonials

Recommendations of acquaintances always sell. This rule also works for YouTube marketing. Shoot short videos with customer reviews, cut such videos, and post this content on your YouTube channel. It works much better than staging videos with stars on television.

Product tutorial

The product tutorial helps skeptical customers. Prepare step-by-step video instructions for top-selling products and post YouTube videos on your channel for free access to users.

This eCommerce marketing tool will help customers overcome pre-purchase objections and increase brand loyalty. People are often dissatisfied with the product due to its misuse. Customers will appreciate your free product tutorial.

Message from the Founder

The eCommerce business still does not often use this tool. Although, the best strategy for personalizing the brand is not to be found. If your CEO records a video thanking customers for the company’s achievements, brand loyalty will increase many times over. People want to buy from people, not from faceless companies.

Video Explainer

These YouTube videos sell the product on an emotional level. First, understand what kind of consumer problem you are solving with the product. Explain this with an interesting animated video. Catch a hint: create bright clips with eCommerce video templates.

How to create YouTube Videos for Ecommerce Business?

Start by creating a video marketing strategy. As you already know, video content works great at different stages of the sales funnel: from raising brand awareness to direct product advertising. The main thing is to post the right video at the right time for the right audience. So follow a proven path — develop a strategy first.

  • Write down the purpose of your YouTube videos for each stage of the strategy. This will help you not get confused when you start creating video content. Write a script for each video for an eCommerce business. When you move on to filming, appreciate the importance of this step. Shooting a video on a ready-made script is a professional approach. This will help avoid unnecessary work in the future. See how the script helps to make an interesting review of the product on the example of Truwood Watches and Tommy John.
  • Create video content regularly. There is no universal formula for how often to post a video on YouTube. It all depends on the size of your business, audience, resources, and strategic plans. The main thing is the constant periodicity that supports the interest of the audience. Here’s how it works for Milk Makeup.
  • Use modern tools for video recording and editing, as well as purchase the appropriate equipment. Requirements such as clear picture, quality sound, proper lighting, licensed music are the basic things for video on the eCommerce platform. You will need tools such as a webcam recorder and a video editor.
  • Publish authentic video content that resonates with your brand. See for example Red Bull’s famous Felix Baumgartner’s Stratos fall. Do not copy the ideas of competitors. Appreciate and develop the individuality of your brand. 
  • Learn to talk to the camera. That you could talk to the camera no worse than this guy with the camera. We live in a world where everyone needs this skill. You will not be able to successfully promote a brand without this skill.
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Be yourself and reveal the true value of your brand through video content. Your brand story is worth hearing. Take a look at this brand story. But first, look inside and find what you want to convey to a wide audience on YouTube. If your video content is sincere and consistent, then viewers will gradually become followers. Over time, the audience’s commitment will already work for your brand.

How to Measure YouTube Marketing Results for an Ecommerce Store?

As you can see, video marketing is an investment in your business. If you invest time, money, and energy, be sure to measure the result. Each investment is measured by the rate of return.

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Here is a list of target metrics for YouTube videos:

  • click-through rates,
  • videos views,
  • videos shares,
  • conversions triggered by videos.

Evaluate the effectiveness of YouTube marketing, insert successful and failed videos, analyze the reasons, draw conclusions and improve the strategy of promoting your business through YouTube. Any creativity can be measured and explained in numbers. Just do it.


Video is becoming the main tool for the eCommerce business. The sooner you start using the unlimited possibilities of e-commerce, the more efficiently your business will grow. Until your competitors dare to do so, be the first to talk to YouTube’s billion-strong audience. We hope your business is ready to take off!

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