12 Enhancing Statistics of Instagram Marketing That Upgrades Your Business Strategy

instagram statistics

Instagram is experiencing massive growth with exciting features in recent years. Instagram emerged in the year 2010, and within a decade, it has attained huge growth with more than one billion active users monthly. It has grown as an essential tool for marketers to implement their marketing strategies to grow their businesses from a simple photo-sharing application. Instagram becomes a favourite place for many users to share their memorable events with their friends.

Include Instagram in the marketing plan of your business to increase your brand reach. Show your brand among your target audiences with your engaging content because they may be scrolling down the Instagram feed. 

Before implementing Instagram on your marketing plan, know the Instagram statistics helpful for growing your business with the correct strategy.

1. Number Of People Using Instagram

People Using Instagram
12 Enhancing Statistics of Instagram Marketing That Upgrades Your Business Strategy 6

According to an eMarketer report, Instagram has 1.074 billion monthly active users worldwide as of 2021. Compared with the information of 2020, more than 73.5 million new users started using Instagram. The market analyst expected this growth only in 2024, but unexpectedly it has crossed one billion users within a short period. 

Instagram continues to grow as a popular social media network that gained a 22.9 percent increase in users in 2020. Since it is a visual platform, the youngsters and teens show interest in engaging themselves, which is the main reason for Instagram to reach heights. So, use Instagram as an investment in your business to reach engaging audiences.

2. Hashtag Usage

instagram statistics
12 Enhancing Statistics of Instagram Marketing That Upgrades Your Business Strategy 7

Though Twitter introduced the hashtag for tagging people and searching related topics in 2007, it has become more popular only on Instagram. From ordinary users to influencers, all use hashtags to improve their content visibility among new audiences. 

The recent Instagram statistics show that Instagram posts, on average, have 10.7 hashtags (in each post). Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags on a single post. But use only less than seven to nine relevant hashtags to engage audiences in your business and improve your visibility.

3. Instagram Statistics Of Young Adults Users

From the 2019 Instagram statistics, among one billion active users on Instagram, 71% of users below the age of 35. The users involved in sharing and watching videos lie between the ages of 18 to 29. If your audiences are under the younger demographics section, without any doubt, you can use Instagram to grow your business by achieving potential customers.

Identify your audiences before you start to make content because if you publish content without any plan, it will be a waste of hard work. Give the right content to your audiences by knowing their interest. You can also ask for suggestions about the content idea from young adults and maintain a friendly relationship.

4. Importance Of Using Instagram Stories

Instagram introduced the stories featured in August 2016. Instagram stories become a game-changing feature for users to share memorable photos and videos like your WhatsApp status. Your stories will appear on your follower’s homepage for only 24 hours. But more than 500 million users use Instagram stories every day. 

Before the launch of stories, people on Instagram will not use it daily. People show more interest in sharing content on stories than the Instagram feed to get real Instagram story views by engaging their audiences. For business people, Instagram stories are an excellent opportunity to increase their visibility among their audiences.

5. Instagram Statistics of Daily Users

In the last three years, people on Instagram spend the most time on the feed using it as a relaxation medium as they do on Facebook. As per the record of 2018, Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes per day, whereas, on Facebook, it is 58 minutes. Instagram has captured popularity within a short period.

The brands take this metric as an opportunity to grow their business because most people spend time watching engaging videos and advertisements from brands. After the introduction of stories, Instagram gained more engaging users and business people to grow their business.

6. Business People On Instagram Statistics

Instagram’s popularity is growing among all kinds of people of different ages. As per 2018 Instagram statistics, 71% of US business people use Instagram to grow their brand. More than 80% of businesses concentrate on audience engagement by using Instagram. The recent report also reveals that on Instagram, seven out of ten hashtags used by people are branded hashtags.

Business people use Instagram as an excellent opportunity for marketing their brand or product. Without spending much money, you can reach your brand to the audiences who all show interest in your product. The work for you on Instagram is to make eye-catching content to grab the attention of your audiences.

7. Sponsored Content Growth

The growth of influencers is growing day by day on Instagram with the sponsored content. From the year 2018 to 2019, the influencers using the hashtag #ad grew by 133 percent. In 2019 alone, more than 25000 Instagram users published content with the hashtag #ad, which means brands approach influencers to gain loyal followings and potential customers.

Since influencers have large loyal followings, you will get more reach for your brand or business when they post your content. Only one in five influencers have less than a million followers. Find the relevant influencers related to your niche to grow your popularity within a short time.

8. Instagram Statistics of Users Following Brands

More than 80 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business account because of their interest or buy new products. So business people and brands have a massive opportunity on Instagram to increase their sales conversion among the loyal followers. Instagram statistics gives the potential for your brand to reach heights all over the world.

For people having a Business account on Instagram, they can add a short description about their company along with the website link to know your activity by the visitor on your profile itself. Instagram also allows you to add contact information with business location to find you easily by your audiences.

9. Engagement Rate On Instagram

Instagram engagement plays a vital role for brands to grow their popularity among various audiences. The engagement rate increased by 29% compared to a year which is four times more than the interactions on Facebook. 

Instagram engagement is nothing but measuring followers’ involvement on your brand, which may be either the number of likes, shares, or comments to your post. Since Instagram is a visual platform, more people show interest in watching your content if it is engaging and exciting.

10. Impact On Buyer’s Shopping Journey

Interesting Instagram statistics and helpful information for brands are that more than 80% of Instagrammers decide to buy a product only by watching their profile on Instagram and shop directly contacting the brand. People make decisions to purchase products just by browsing the Instagram feed. 

If you missed out on using Instagram for your business growth, you have definitely lost the huge opportunity. So use Instagram with creative stories and with relevant hashtags that are easy to find you by the new target audiences.

11. Statistics Of Instagram Ads

Statistics Of Instagram Ads 2 1
12 Enhancing Statistics of Instagram Marketing That Upgrades Your Business Strategy 8

According to recent research by Smartly, more than 50% of marketers spend half of the marketing budget on running social media ads. From that, 29% of marketers spend their majority budget on running Instagram ads to reach their target audiences quickly. The stories ad performs better where it generates 35% of the audience’s impressions. 

Another fantastic feature is that you can run ads both on Instagram and Facebook through ads manager since Facebook has owned Instagram in recent times. Most companies run side-by-side ads to get a quicker response.

12. Instagrammers Have High Level Of Income

The level of income is the most important demographic on Instagram to get your business involved in its marketing strategy. Large businesses to small business people use Instagram to improve their income level with the correct marketing plan. Here are some statistics found for your reference:

  • 31% of brands earning between 75k engage on Instagram
  • 32% between the income level 50-74k use Instagram
  • 32% between 30k to 49k of income level are on Instagram to grow their business on a higher level.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is proving to be a powerhouse for business people to implement their marketing strategy. If you are looking forward to improving your reach and visibility, Instagram is the best place to achieve your objective. From the above statistics, you will know that Instagram is a great investment for your business to grow among different audiences.

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