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Book CoverAre you ready to improve your emailing skills and start getting results from your emails?

Like many of us, you would have sent an email that was completely ignored or misconstrued  in the past. Sometimes, the words to write in emails just don’t come so readily to mind.

A CPP survey revealed that 64% of people have experienced workplace confusion or resentment as a result of inadequate email; and yet 92% of them agreed that email is a valuable communication tool.

The Bad News About E-mailing

The bad news is that we can’t do away with emailing any time soon; rather, we all need to adjust to the Internet age and learn smart emailing skills. Yet the importance of improving our emailing skills is very important in the work environment where emailing form a huge part of our interaction with others within and outside our organizations. Invariably, your organization might be losing because of inadequate emailing skills.

The Good News About E-mailing

The good news is that emailing is a skill that we can easily learn. We only need to grasp a few basic concepts and then we are on our way to becoming a pro-email writer. It is very true that the ability to relate verbally is not the same as the ability to write good emails. Even a good writer needs to learn emailing skills to be successful interacting online.

That’s why I have compiled several email samples and tips to help you become better and smarter in your emails.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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