How to Protest an Unfavorable Transfer Via Email

Perhaps one of the most professional ways to protest an unfavorable transfer is via email. It is ideal to let your boss know first by writing how this transfer would affect you before you meet him one-on-one. Putting this first into writing could pass across the message that you take your work seriously and you are professional about it.

Writing an email to express yourself in this regard gives the opportunity to assess the manner you have been able to communicate your displeasure over your transfer before hitting the ‘send’ button. It is also a way of documenting or keeping a record of such interaction.

What to Do

In protesting an unfavorable transfer, bear it in mind to appeal to the reasoning of the recipient of your email first. In a situation like this, your boss will be more logical on why you will not accept the transfer than be emotional, though, the emotional aspect cannot be overemphasized.

  • Start your email by expressing your commitment to the growth of the company/ organization.
  • State subtly how you have been part of this growth by highlighting those areas you have been actively involved and the success achieved. It is not a time to write the record of your success. You may only have to mention the last big achievement. The purpose is not to go lengthy about your success but to mention relative to your commitment.
  • Go emotional about your commitment to the organization. But first, be logical in your approach towards how you find the transfer unfavorable. If there is anything to be emotional about, it is towards your commitment to the company, not to the transfer.
  • Put forward the logical points that make the transfer unfavorable to you. State clearly how the transfer will affect you or your family and the effect it may have on your performance or progress (the psychological effects on you). This aspect is the emotional part. Highlighting how it can affect your performance gives it a more logical outlook.
  • Never fault nor accuse the recipient of your email as regards the circumstances of your transfer
  • Courtesy is important. It is unprofessional to be rude. You will likely not get the response you desire if curt remarks lace your email. The purpose of communication is to seek to understand and be understood. Lack of proper etiquette and manners while writing your email make this impossible.
  • Express your commitment to the goal of the company before closing the email while thanking the recipient of your email for being understanding.

Sample Email I: Protesting an Unfavorable Transfer at Work

Good evening sir,

Hope this email finds you well?

I will like to discuss a few things with you. Please patiently go through this email.

As you are well aware sir, Ace Pharmaceuticals has provided a way for many families to get access to the best drugs and health care in the country. This is due to the company’s commitment to excellence and value placed on lives.

Our desire to see to it that quality drugs get to the people that need them is our purpose and motivation, one that I am glad to be a part of; which is why I took it upon myself to be actively involved in the campaign against abuse of over-the-counter- drugs that took place in the month of June 2016. This campaign has led to so many successes as awareness towards other services provided by our group of pharmacists and other teams of dynamic professionals has been created.

This is why it was hard on me, and it still is, that I will not be a part of the team I have come to know as a family while working at the San Jose Chapter for over 15 years.

Since breaking the news of the transfer to my family, everyone has been in a state of confusion. This is because there are so many factors to be considered before a change of such magnitude can be implemented. This will directly affect not only them but also the extended family members; therefore, it is important for it to be thoroughly thought through.

The team at Ace Pharmaceuticals, San Jose has been a part of my family and I have enjoyed working with them for years. Being a part of these dynamic and committed professionals has brought out the best in me as a person and in my career. The commitment towards the goals and vision of the company, the spirit of excellence and the motivation to achieve all these are what I have been able to glean regularly being a part of the San Jose team.

In the above email, you have stated logically how the transfer will affect your immediate family without being emotional. You have expressed emotions concerning the team you have come to see as a family and how they brought out the best in you. This way, you have subtly implied how the team has encouraged you to be productive and the consequences of being uprooted from your environment, where you thrive, to another.

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