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      We help professionals and entrepreneurs succeed in a digitalized world.

      To achieve this, we provide a global platform and community that promote content and fosters relationships that help professionals and entrepreneurs learn skills and discover tools to help them stand out in such a crowded digital space. At Woculus, we have served hundreds of thousands of professionals over the last decade. Every month, we provide unique email writing tips, courses, techniques, samples, and templates to over 400,000 people all over the world.

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      Meet Woculus Founder

      Ayo Oyedotun is a social and digital entrepreneur.

      He started Woculus about a decade ago to share his discoveries in the world of digital technologies. Since then, the platform has evolved into a community helping professionals and entrepreneurs stand out in the digital space.

      At first, Ayo was drawn to the speed of innovations in the digital space.

      Even today, he is very fascinated by the level of innovation happening in the technology world and the limitless possibilities created by the digital space - the democratization of education with the rise of online learning platforms, disruption of access to good jobs with the adoption of remote work, the power of electronic commerce, the rise of artificial intelligence, and many more unimaginable innovations.

      Leaning of his exposure, Ayo has built a successful e-commerce business in Africa. Here, at Woculus, he is looking to cultivate a community of professionals and entrepreneurs taking advantage of the digital space to stand out at work and in business.

      Ayo is an alumnus of Columbia Business School, New York. He is also a fellow at Cascador.

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