Searching for Remote Jobs Using LinkedIn

search for remote jobs using linkedin

LinkedIn is a social media platform that doubles as a job-hunting platform. There are thousands of jobs on LinkedIn from remote positions to volunteer and regular in-person/ on-site jobs.

In this article, we’re going to set our focus on how to search for remote jobs using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with over 700 million users and 55 million companies. Not only this, LinkedIn clocks over 1 billion interactions a month. If you’re a professional, LinkedIn is a platform you should be on. The opportunities there for career-oriented individuals are limitless.

Research has shown that most jobs posted on LinkedIn are exclusive to LinkedIn and aren’t posted or advertised anywhere else. This greatly reduces the competition on jobs posted on LinkedIn compared to other job-hunting websites.

Before searching for a remote job on LinkedIn, there are a few things you must note.

Social Media as a Tool to Building Your Career

Things to Note Before Searching for Remote Jobs on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Job Search Tips

Before searching for a remote job on LinkedIn, you must make sure your profile is properly optimized for both search engines and possible employers.

It’s not new for employers to search on LinkedIn for candidates they feel would be suitable for positions. These jobs are usually great considering a few factors, such as the companies reached out to you, thus, giving you higher bargaining power compared to you doing the reaching out.

A properly optimized LinkedIn profile is like a well-written and optimized article on a google search page. It creates an avalanche of opportunities.

One of the major reasons people use LinkedIn is to network. Optimizing your profile properly makes this relatively easier compared to having an unoptimized profile. This will be pivotal in attracting employers who are interested in you.

Another thing to do is to make sure your CV is up to date and reflects your updated LinkedIn profile. This is very important because candidates have the habit of writing a resume once and abandoning it. To increase your chances when searching for remote jobs using LinkedIn, this is an area you should focus on.

How to Search for Remote Jobs Using LinkedIn

What makes LinkedIn a great platform to search for jobs online is that it offers various ways to search for remote jobs. Unlike other job searching platforms where there are categories and all you’re required to do is apply and wait, LinkedIn cancels out this fault and has a variety of options for users to optimize their search for remote jobs using LinkedIn.

Here are some of the ways to search for remote jobs using LinkedIn.

1.      Search for Remote Jobs Using the Jobs Tab

One of the most straightforward ways to search for remote jobs on LinkedIn is by using the jobs tab. How do you search for remote jobs on LinkedIn?

  • Log in to LinkedIn
  • Click on the jobs tab
  • Search for the tile of your job in the job title part and input the term “remote” in the location section.
  • Go through the list of job openings and apply.

All you have to do to search for remote jobs on LinkedIn is to log in to your account, search for the job title and search for remote in the location section.

This doesn’t only show you remote positions available, it brings out a list of filters that helps you create better-targeted jobs, such as date posted, company, job type, remote/on-site, easy apply, etc.

These filters help you create better target jobs to suit the ideas you have of the job you’re looking for.

Search for remote jobs on LinkedIn
Searching for Remote Jobs Using LinkedIn 4

Define Your Brand Online to Search for Remote Jobs on LinkedIn

Almost every company in the world is on LinkedIn. On-site companies, remote companies, non-profit, etc.

Most companies looking for remote candidates often check LinkedIn first. Having a great brand is important when searching for remote jobs on LinkedIn. Recruiters often go online to search for candidates if they have a position they need to fill quickly.

To define your brand on LinkedIn and search for remote jobs, it is important to make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimized completely and is up-to-date with your recent experience, certifications, etc. When branding yourself to search for remote jobs on LinkedIn, you need to spend quality time making yourself visible to these companies and other users.

How do you make yourself visible on LinkedIn? By posting valuable content that highlights your skills, personality, and expertise in your niche.

Building a brand to search for remote jobs on LinkedIn takes a bit of time. You need to post content, engage other people’s posts, and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. This way, it’s easier to search for jobs on LinkedIn as you’ve shown that you know your onions.

Build Important Relationships

LinkedIn is a platform that encourages relationship building. If you have specific companies you want to work for, LinkedIn is a great place to find people who already work there and build connections with them.

You can follow them, engage their content, and start building relationships that can be pivotal in your search for remote jobs.

The company may not be hiring at the moment, but if the opportunity ever comes up, you have your leg in the door and the process would be ultimately easier.

It would be more productive and less intrusive if you build the relationship first instead of sending cold emails or pitches to get positions.

Join Important Groups

This is a part of LinkedIn that most people don’t pay much attention to. But in actuality, it is an untapped goldmine. To search for remote jobs using LinkedIn, you can find important groups about remote work and gain actionable information there.

There are remote groups on LinkedIn that post job applications and tips on how to get remote jobs using LinkedIn.

When you join these groups you must be active and if possible, create connections with the admins. Also, remember to connect with them and not spam them with job requests and cold pitches. By being casual about your motives, you open yourself up to better results.

Avoiding Job Scams on LinkedIn

There’s a job scam plaguing job-hunting websites and LinkedIn is not an exception. But with LinkedIn, it’s easier to search for jobs and also easier to avoid these job scams.

How do you avoid these scams on LinkedIn? Unlike other job-hunting websites, LinkedIn allows you to see the people that posted these jobs, whether or not they’re using company accounts, etc.

With this information, you can carry out due diligence and check these companies or individuals if there’s anything shady about them. Here are some things to look out for when checking the legitimacy of these companies.

  • Check how long they’ve been active. If these accounts don’t have any posts dating back a considerable amount of time, then they may be fraudulent accounts.
  • Check the number of connections. If they have very little to no connections, then it’s best to also label them as scam accounts.
  • For company accounts, it’s also important to check the number of employees they have. If they’re an SME, it’s normal for them to have few employees. But if they claim to be a “conglomerate” with little to no employees, that’s also a red flag.
  • Read the posting carefully. Some job descriptions state outrageous amounts in the description. Note, it’s not normal for companies to list out the pay in the job title. An example of this would be. “Entry-level content writer needed at Woculus for $200,000/annum” A job posting of this nature should set off alarms in your head about its fraudulence.


When searching for remote jobs on LinkedIn, there’s no one-size-fits-all technique that works for everyone. In this article, we’ve listed the most popular methods that have been proven over and over to guarantee results. For better results when searching for remote jobs, it’s advisable to employ all techniques.

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