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Woculus is a fast growing blog with an audience of young entrepreneurs, government workers, self-employed people and employees who want to improve their business correspondence skills.

We are looking for a few companies to develop sponsorship relationship with on Woculus.

If you plan to advertise products or services that benefit entrepreneurs, government workers, self-employed people and employees – an opportunity exists for you to advertise on Woculus.

We have a limited number of opportunities for the right partners and would love to communicate with you.

Ad campaigns will be sold on a week by week basis. Some ad spots may be currently filled, but future months are open.

We currently get over 10,000 views per week and about 40, 000 views per month; and we have only just begun as we anticipate rapid growth as new content is added regularly.

Below is our audience profile. We get about 30% readership from the US and another 30% from India followed by others. See reports from Google analytics (as at August 2015) below:

Audience Profile by country

Also, 71%of our visitors view our website on their desktop while 26% use high end mobile devices. See reports from Google analytics (as at August 2015) below:

Audience Profile by platform

Below are the available ad type/positions:

Sponsored Posts

Our sponsored post program is designed to help businesspersons and organizations reach a bigger audience of business owners, managers, freelancers as well as customer service and sales representatives.

We will accept posts of 500 to 2500 words that include one or two links to your website or blog but not affiliate links. You only need to ensure the post is not promotional and non-product specific. Instead, you are to provide valuable information for our readers.

At the end of your post, you are allowed to invite our audience to your social networks or introduce the aspect of your business that relates to the article and enter your contacts detail.

To get started, scroll down to the bottom of this page and send your post for review.

Banner Sponsorship (within posts)

In this category, your advertisement will appear within all our blog posts.  Here's an example:

Post Ads

Here's another ‘in post' ad:

in post

Banner Sponsorship (Side Bar)

In this category, your advert will appear on the sidebar of the blog as seen below.

Side bar

For your advert placement, kindly contact us using the form below. We will be glad to help you advertise your product and/or services.
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