Effective Tips for Handling Unhappy Customers Via Email

Customers are at the heart of every business. In other words, businesses exist for their customers. The customer always has a choice, and the role of the business owner as well as his or her employees is to retain the customers. It is wrong to think that the most important thing about your company or business venture is the products you sell and/or the services you render – it is the customers. Now that information age is here, and we communicate with our customers virtually, it is worthwhile to learn how to manage unhappy customers via email.

Are Customers Right to be Unhappy?

For consistent successful and effective business, and to achieve the goals you have for your venture, there is a need for a constant, continuous, and consistent positive mental and emotional flow between the business and the customers. Every business inevitably dissatisfies one or more customers for various reasons at some point. This could be the fault of the business or the customer.

Regardless of who is at fault, there should be a fast yet simple and very effective approach towards restoring that high feel of emotion so as to enjoy doing business on a stress-free platform.

The first thing to do when you receive an email from an unhappy customer (who is unsatisfied with your service, the way he was talked to, a delay in an appointment, or the fact that your firm under-delivered somehow) is to acknowledge and reply immediately. The acknowledgment isn’t a virtual “nodding” meaning you received the email, but meaning you place yourself in the customer’s shoes, trying to feel what they are feeling with the exact amount of information they have access to.

Think like the customer and not a service provider

Ensure you respond to the customer within 24 hours of the email sent to you. This is to show them that their mental and emotional state is very important to you (almost as much as it is to them). This will result in a better perspective of your humanity, and that is exactly how you want them to think. You don’t want them to see you as irresponsible, slack, arrogant, or nonchalant.

Instead, you want to create a picture of a responsible, disciplined, modest, and deliberate business.

The contents of your email should not be fault-placing, excuse-giving, or anger-fueling. You should avoid giving reasons for the events that led to his change of state of emotion. You should also avoid the usage of the apology phrase, “We are sorry” repetitively.

Keep it simple, apologetic, and make sure you reinstate his mode and leave him with a better perspective of you and your firm when he’s done reading the email. The goal of replying an email from an unhappy customer is to get your customer back from the grasp of ‘unhappiness’. There are different ways to send an email to an unhappy customer depending on the stated reason for unhappiness.

Sample Emails for Replying Unhappy Customers Via Email

Here are few and common reasons customers become unhappy and sample emails you can reply with:

Sample 1 for Replying Unhappy Customers Via Email: Unsatisfaction after using a product or receiving a service

….Worthy Advert Agency take responsibility for the dissatisfaction you derived from using our online platform to advertise your goods. It must have caused you a great deal of exasperation and for that, we sincerely apologize.

We have provided an alternative for you. This is better and more effective, and it comes at no extra charge. Pleas find attached to this email, the new link uploaded just for you.

Your firm is important to us and we value doing business with you. Also fill in the questionnaire on how to serve you better on our website. Doing this will also help us provide tailored services to meet your specific need.

Thank you.

Sample 2 for Replying Unhappy Customers Via Email: Human Relationship issues and customer care complaints

just as our motto reads, “we cannot consuUlt without U”, we understand the importance of every one of our clients which include you. We are deeply sorry about the current high traffic when clients reach out to our 24-hour inquiry hotline.

We are on the verge of signing a contract with a more efficient and trusted network provider so you can reach us whenever you want from wherever you are. We appreciate your patience and we value your choice of being our client… 

Sample 3 for Replying Unhappy Customers Via Email: Money matters

Money issues are one of the major causes of dissatisfaction to customers, and this can not be treated lightly or discarded quickly. It must be formally and thoroughly treated, and then backed up with follow-up.

The company went through a major financial setback last month and could not refund the money promised you. We apologize especially since you informed us beforehand that it was pivotal to taking the next step in your business, please bear with us. The company has decided to refund 50% of the money promised to you and at the same time indulge your patience till the end of this month as the company is emerging from its fall. We are deeply sorry for not holding up our end of the bargain. We also want to let you know that henceforth till the end of the month, you can do business with us from anywhere and you won’t be charged for delivery to any part of the city. Thank you for your receptiveness towards this new plan because it is an assurance that you care. 


Always remember that cash flow is the lifeline of any business, and customers bring the cash flow. No matter how rude, impatient, or discourteous a customer might be, you still hold the responsibility to retain the customer as long as this will not have a negative impact on your company. So, always take your time to write good emails to reinstate unhappy customers.

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