Effective Strategies for Contacting Prospects via Social Media

Everyone is on social media, and serious business now takes place on various social media channels. So, it has become so important to understand how to contact business prospects via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, online forums or other new media communication tools.

Contacting Prospects on LinkedIn and Facebook

Social media in itself is an effective means of creating contacts with people from different walks of life. There is a need to maximize the massive opportunities that social media provide. The following strategies are effective ways of contacting prospects on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Set A Target

The first question to ask is ‘who are my prospects?’

You must set a target for yourself on the prospects you want to contact on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook. In your attempt to contact prospects, don’t be casual about it as a usual process. Make a plan on the kind of prospects you want to contact.

Such a target will help you to build an effective method for searching and reaching out to your prospects. You won’t just be on a normal search roll but on a planned search roll. When you click your target prospects, you will set out to contact them through in-mails and emails.

On your search for prospects on social media, look out for their location if your business is dependent on location.

Besides this, also search for prospects whose fields and passion are closely related to yours so that you can rub minds together and share networking opportunities. People in this category can be a source of referral for you.

  • Be Unique

No matter the form you are using for contacting your prospects on social media, ensure you are unique in your presentation.

For example, most contacts on LinkedIn are professionals in diverse fields. Contacting them through in-mails require sending messages that are unique and appealing. Don’t invite on LinkedIn without making adequate use of your opportunities to ensure you approach them as unique entities with enough stuff to offer.

Avoid sending the usual messages such as: ‘’I’d like to join your LinkedIn network’. Send a unique, clear and appealing in-mail. Check the prospects’ profile in order to determine the best way to approach them.

I receive many messages on Facebook. Out of a hundred percent, I ignore ninety-five percent. Why? Most of the senders are out on Facebook to waste time. The five percent is the set of people using Facebook to contact prospects for sale, business advancement and as a means of gaining grounds in their career.

Here’s an example of a magazine editor who contacted a prospect to promote their product in their magazine:

Hi Risley,

 I am Donald Trump from Triple Pod Media, the producer of Triple Star Magazine.

I recognize that you are a very good fashion designer.  I am contacting you to know if you would be interested in promoting your designs in our fashion updates in Triple Star Magazine. This will ultimately promote your business and increase your sales.

Call me on +234 (0) 809 90908887 or send an email to [email protected], let’s discuss more of the benefits of promoting your designs in our magazine.

This is a unique way to favorably contact your prospects on Facebook. Facebook is an asset for you to contact prospects via email but you must exhibit a sense of uniqueness and decency in order not to send a wrong signal to them.

  • Create An Inviting Profile

Your profile on social media speaks a lot about you to your prospects. Assume you are the one telling the prospect about yourself when creating a profile. Create a profile that will speak about you the way you will talk about yourself, to gain approval before a board.

A well-written profile will attract acceptance rather than rejection. Ensure you contact your prospects with a profile that will make you match their skills and uniqueness.

  • Use A Propelling Picture

A picture speaks louder than words. Ensure you have a profile picture that accentuates your professionalism.

Also, remember that your prospects will see your picture first before browsing through your profile. An attractive profile picture will fascinate your prospect to accept your invitation and attend to your in-mails. More people view profiles with pictures because it is more realistic. Make your profile real by using an attractive profile picture.

  • Make It A Special Goal

A good strategy to use in contacting prospects on social media is to make it a special goal by ensuring you keep posts for family and friends on a private list and make public those posts that are generally admirable to your prospects. Don’t be general when you have a special goal to contact prospects on social media. They will find you uninteresting if they discover posts that are absurd to their personalities.


In conclusion, contacting prospects on social media should not be a big challenge. Only note that your input will determine your output. Getting good results largely depend on your strategy.

A good strategy is to make “reaching to prospects via social media” a special goal.

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