7 Job Application Received Email Templates for Managers

It is a good and an encouraging feedback to get responses to job vacancies in your company. It shows people are aware of what your company stands for and the values you promote. It is, therefore, right to reciprocate this sense of relevance by responding to and acknowledging the job applications.

Tips to Construct Good Responses to Job Applications

The following tips will help you construct a good reply to job application in your company:

  • Congratulate the sender on being privileged to be aware of the opportunity to be a part of your organization
  • You could advise or inquire if he/she had gone through the Job Vacancy ad and is well acquainted with what your organization requires
  • Reiterate the position in your company that is/are vacant
  • State that his/her application will be carefully reviewed, referees called and an email would be sent if he/she will be interviewed
  • It should also be stated that an email would also be sent if he won’t be considered for the post
  • If all applicants are to be interviewed, the date, time and venue for the interview should be stated
  • Any other instruction(s) or necessary information could be included
  • Finally, thank him/her for applying to be part of your company

Below are some email templates for acknowledging received job applications:

1. Job Application Received Email Template I

Dear Mr. Emmanuel Craig,

On behalf of the company, I congratulate you for having the opportunity to apply to be a part of our team. I believe you must have perused the Job Vacancy ad and fully understood the vacant position; the job description and the qualifications and qualities we expect anyone willing to take the position should have. The vacant position is for a …………………

Your application, including your resume, will be reviewed and your referees will be contacted. An email will be sent to you if you are to be interviewed. An email will also be sent if you are not being considered for the position.
Thank you for your willingness to be part of what we believe in.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Ptorpe Abrahamson
Human Resource Manager

2. Job Application Received & Interview Invitation Email Template II

Dear Dr. Susan Vera Cruz,

We are glad to inform you that your application for the post of the resident veterinarian in our animal hospital has been received. We use this medium to invite you for an interview at our premises, tomorrow by 10 a.m.
Please, be ready to be examined on various aspect of the veterinary practice.

We appreciate your willingness to be part of our all-animal-have-rights team.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Gideon Wimbleton, DVM

3. Job Application Received Email Template III

Dear Sir/Madam,

In response to the application you sent as regards the vacant positions in our company, we write to inform you that your application has been received.

Due to the sensitive nature of the job and our commitment to always offer services of platinum standard, application for the post will still be opened till next Friday.The list of selected applicants for the interview will be published at the end of the month.Also, an email will be sent to you with respect to this.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
The Human Resource Manager

4. Job Application Received Email Template IV

Dear Mr Sam Copperfield,

Your cover email for the post of a biology teacher in our school was received some minutes ago. Unfortunately, the application closed at end of work time, yesterday.

We are sorry to inform you that your application will not be considered, as quite a number of applications were sent in. We wish you all the best in your life pursuit.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Margaret Reddington
School Principal

5. Job Application Received Email Template V

Ms. Anna Yen,

I write to acknowledge the receipt of your application letter for the post of the Chief Accountant in our accounting and logistics department.

Pinnacle Limited is a company that welcomes and encourages young people with fresh ideas as it one of the fundamentals on which this company was established. Nonetheless, the vacant post is one that requires a mind that has had at least five years’ experience; but, you wrote in your application letter that you are a fresh graduate.

However, in line with our fresh idea ideals, we encourage you to apply for an internship in the same department.  Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Taye Boyega
Human Resource Manager

6. Job Application Received Email Template VI

Dear Mr. William,

We are pleased to inform you that your application for the post of the assistant creative director with our studio has been received.

Flashpoint Studios is one that is out to tap into the best creativity that will inspire awe.
And with respect to doing things differently, we will have an outdoor interactive session with you on Saturday at noon, just before our Greener World Campaign at the Central Park. You do not need to be formally dressed.

We look forward to listening to your creative ideas.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Nikolai
Creative Director

7. Job Application Received Email Template VII

Dear Mrs. Naobi Campbell,

Your application for the post of a marketer in our company has been received. Instafoods is delighted that you are enthusiastic about working with the largest food production company in the city. As it was stated in the vacancy ad, we intend to expand to other states across and outside the country.

We hope you fully understand that this will mean you may have to relocate to another state, as you will most likely be posted to any of our new branches in other states.

You will be contacted shortly and an email sent to you as regards when you will be invited for your interview. Nonetheless, if relocating will be of significant inconvenience, let us be informed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Florence Elli,
Marketing Manager.


The way you construct your response to job applications will depend on the peculiarity of each situation as well as the medium you have chosen to use. For example, if you are using an autoresponder to acknowledge job applications, you would need to write a more general acknowledgment.

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